Morning After Mini- color conundrum

  1. Help me decide-- Rebecca M. MAM in Eggplant or Elephant? I prefer silver hardware but Eggplant is more striking--- or should I grit my teeth & see what turns up after Xmas?:nuts:
  2. Id go with the eggplant!
  3. i'd go with the eggplant, too...btw...gung? you are my rm hero!!!
  4. ^:roflmfao:


    Thank you!
  5. I guess I will-- I have an itchy credit card finger tonight. I found one for $400-- somebody stop me-- my Amex bill is going to wipe me out!!
  6. ^Oh really! Where did you find a $400 RM MAM? Thats an excellent price!
  7. gung...i am SO serious about that!!! i was running around the house (in sweats, no make up) and an old t-shirt with three RM bags hanging off of my limbs trying to make a decision!!!! i went with your advice about the MAM being classic, etc...and i'm just glad that i don't look like a handbag tree anymore...
  8. It's at a site called Velvet Maven w/a grechen code. Should I go for it?:love:
  9. Yep!

    Thats a pretty good price! Just a little bit more than RM sample sale prices and I dont even think they had the eggplant at the SS. Go for it, and post pics, please!
  10. Oh, dear. Well I do get paid on thursday. After this I am sofa king banned. Until summer.
  11. Eggplant!!
  12. The eggplant is a really lovely color, I'd go for that one!
  13. Definitely the eggplant! I don't like the feel of the leather on the elephant bags by RM -- it's much tougher than the other colors for some reason. It's a really nice color though. But with eggplant you get the softer feeling leather AND a gorgeous striking color.

    So that's my vote!
  14. I purchased the Eggplant MAM from Velvet Maven myself but I returned it. It was much more brown than I had anticipated and the leather was much stiffer than my other MAM. HTH.
  15. Hmm. I don't mind if it's more brown-- is the RM glazed leather stiffer?