morning after & mini blk w. basket weave preorder on funkylala

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  1. late night shopping, not good for the wallet, but soothing, oh yes! i just noticed funkylala has pre-order on the morning after and and morning after mini in black with basketweave (i went with the mini - CAN NOT WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON IT - i've been looking forever. they're not on sale though :hysteric: but i've been looking too long to resist!

    here's links
    morning after bag
    morning after mini

  2. nice, thanks!
  3. i know right?!

    so did u order urs already miss bagaholic72?
  4. Thanks for posting!

    I would be all over this, but I can't seem to find a discount code (I'm not quite sure if the Easter one still works?) so I'm looking elsewhere!
  5. um 11 minutes ago...why do i know, because now i'm counting the minutes until it comes (if i only knew)...
  6. :yahoo:i'm happy for ya buddy!!

    but hmm...wouldn't they deduct some from the "check availabilty?"
    cuz like an hour ago it was 9, so if u bought one MAM wouldn't it now be 8??
    lol...yea i'm like biting my nails wondering/debating to just click purchase on the MAM :P
    and clicking to see the availability ever so often to check to see that i still have time to decide lol
  7. funkylala just added the other MA bag i like: the dusty w/ silver spot....just added to the page of RM bags
  8. yeah and some nikki's too it looks like. i see quantity as 8. i got an email with an order number, guess i'll call them in the morning to be sure. maybe it takes a second to update???
  9. usually RM produces bags in quantities of 8, so maybe each retailer was sent 8 bags...