Morning After **MAB**Lovers' Club <3

  1. Here is my ONLY MAB...can ya believe it?? I like MAMs more I guess!

    Chocolate MAB

  2. That is beautiful! Especially with the colorful scarf. Love it!
  3. I :heart: MABs! At the moment though, I only have a couple in my collection. Wine and WBW.


  4. You guys make the MAB look so good!

  5. kdo, I looove your FIG MAB. I want a dark gray MAB so badly! I wish it were December already so I could find out what the dark gray LB has been talking about looks like. Gunmetal hardware would be TDF- but if it has the bird lining :tdown:
  6. C4H - If you're only gonna have 2 MABs Wine and WBW are two stunning classics! I'm so in love with you WBW. I'm amazed how white it is even with wear. Maybe one day I'll have courage enough to own one.

    featherie - Thanks, the FIG leather is out of this world! I too have wanted a DG MAB for so long. I am anxiously waiting to see what the new leather will look like. I really like the sheen and durability of the original so we'll see...Becky birds would definitely be a deal breaker for me. It would look ugly with DG. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

  7. I only own one MAB Black Cat. It was my 2nd RM!:smile:
  8. TXGirlie - Your choco MAB is soooo yummy! Love it with the scarf, too!

  9. cheryl - Black cat is such a playfully sexy bag!

  10. my only mab- emerald green mab. I need to use her more so that she can get nice and puddly.
  11. Oh, yes you do...don't hide that beautiful green!
  12. Hey talldrnkofwater, are you sure that's Emerald?? Cause it has the siggy stamped hardware so I'd think it was Forest? Not the original forest, but the second coming, lol. Just curious. :smile:
  13. ^^lmao @ the second coming of forest. hmm- it might be. I bought it at the ss but I just assumed it was emerald. For now, i'll just call it forest/emerald
  14. ^^^ I wondered if it was Forest when I saw it in the reference thread awhile back. I LOVE the color!! There is a Forest MAM on bonanzle that I looked at recently that looks identical to this except smaller of course. It's beautiful!
  15. ^^ the experts have spoken- Forest it is. :biggrin:
    It wasn't in a plastic bag so I didn't know what color it was.