Morning After **MAB**Lovers' Club <3

  1. :drool: :drool: :drool:

    I am a MA lover... just love the shape, and its looks but i don't wear them because I love things that are easy to swing over the shoulder!

  2. KDO--- :love: your FIG MAB!
  3. a relaxing moment w/ my ONE AND ONLY MAB..:p

    im so much in-love with its tassles....:nuts:

  4. thanks for showing this shot....getting a good idea for my coming hongkong trip....(of course, my MAB is coming w/ me)
  5. Hehe my Charcoal Patent MAB is coming with me on a cruise today! It's so useful to have it while travelling so I don't have to worry about scratching it or holding it after I wash my hands and they are still a little wet....
  6. Love 'em all, especially the almond!! Here's my contribution: my one and only MAB, the lovely Dove Gray/Neon Yellow!


  7. The MAB is a great travel bag. You can fit a lot in it without it seeming overstuffed (food, magazines, books, all at the same time). Plus it sat nicely on my carry-on suitcase for my recent trip to Orlando, making it easy to transport everything through the airport. (On the same trip I also brought my lapis MAMM to take to the theme parks.)
  8. Thanks, bibi & desi! Whenever I carry my FIGgy MA, I can't stop fondling it! LOL! You know, the gold brass is beautiful against that grey.

    bibi - Are patents MAs just perfect for traveling? Great size and worry free!

    featherie - What does desi's comment about "Emmy is in good hands"? Does this mean you've just added an Emerald to your collection?!

    pinay -Love your artsy pic and your MAB!

    court - I've missed seeing your mod shots! Love the Dove Grey with your charm!
  9. Where is all the love for the MABs? The MAMs are kicking our butts.

    kdo, yes! Desi graciously parted with her Emerald, and I just received her a couple of days ago. :smile:
  10. Awesome, congrats!!! Oh, please post pics of that lovely when you can.
  11. Thanks, kdo! My mom and I have been trying to be good lately but we did get two new Nikki's. I'm going to have to talk her into a group mod shot soon!
  12. The MAB is my favorite RM style. Below is my MAB collection so far. Unfortunately no old school bags yet!

  13. Oops I just realized I have 2 Mam's in this picture. Disregard the fuscia nylon and cream/cream patent MAM lol.

    MABs from back: Dove Grey/flu Yellow, Fawn, Sunshine, Cranberry, Navy Nylon
  14. And my newest one: Red Stripe MAB with siggy hardware


  15. Post Pics!!!! Love to see mod shots of this lovely Emerald beauty!!!