Morning After in Red Patent anyone?

These bags have really caught my eye! Have never seen one IRL but I really like all of the pics that I have seen. :tup:
I am loving the red patent morning after bag and was wondering if anyone has it in this color. I was thinking of using it as my "everything" bag (I have 2 little ones and need to use it as my diaper bag) for the spring and summer.
So does anyone have it in this color? If you don't what do you think about it? too bright?? I thought it would be a great pop of color.
I'm usually an LV and Gucci girl but am growing tired of all of the logos. I am loving these bags!!!

thanks you in advance for your thoughts on this!
I posted a pic of the red patent bag from revolve clothing. I hope it worked!!!


Sep 23, 2006
I have the morning after mini in red patent and I LOVE it. I don't find it too bright at all. It's a nice medium/deep red. The patent is amazing and not stiff at all. I have a couple pictures I posted, let me find them...

Hope these help, if you search there might be some better pictures from others. I took these at night with flash so they aren't the best but they're very true to my bags' color. I named her Jessica Rabbit because the bag reminds me of her dress. :graucho:


Thank you soo much Sunlitmoon!!!
it looks like such a beautiful color!!! thanks for sharing...i like that you said it's a "nice medium deep red" That is exactly what I'm looking for!!!
but now I'm also looking at the scarlet and lipstick bag.. there are so many beautiful colors to choose from!


Sep 23, 2006
No problem! =) Yes that one is nice too! I got a great deal on mine from lunaboston so I couldn't pass it up. I was surprised at how rich the color was when I got it, it looked beautiful online but it has so much more depth than I thought. It was definitely love at first sight and has propelled me deep into minkoff madness. :roflmfao:


Sep 21, 2006
I have a scarlet MAM. the color is similar to patent red.. with patent bottom. I think everyone needs a red MA.. it is just so cute!



~ Michelle ~
May 29, 2008
I have the Scarlet MAM as well. It's really red (not a bad thing). The other color you might be able to score a good deal on if you want to get a red that's not quite so bright is Deep Red. . . also, RM is coming out with Cranberry for the Spring.


Love is Love is Love
Apr 19, 2007
In the moment
The red patent is more of a "blue red" while the Scarlett ended up being more of a brighter red.. if that makes sense.

I like the texture of the Scarlet better but I like the color of the red patent better.. They both are beautiful though and I would love to have either one of them!!
thank you ladies, for all of your input!!! :tup:
I think I definitly want a red MAB but am still undecided about which one...deep red, patent red, scarlet/lipstick..I also don't know if I should be paying full price or scout out some deals.
I have some time, this is going to be my birthday present which isn't until March. I'm excited about my first non LV non Gucci bag!!!