Morning After Bag in Dark Grey...Opinions

  1. What do you think of the Dark Grey in the MAB (mini)??? Do you think it a nice basic color that will go with anything that you wear.
  2. I have the Martinee in dark grey and i love the versatility of the color. I think it does go with everything. Like black, only cooler.
  3. I like it! The color is really in this fall and will go with a lot!

    good luck and let us know if you end up getting it!! (with pics!!)
  4. I just ordered the Mini in dark grey. I am still waiting for it to arrive but I love the color. Grey is a neutral color and the hot color this fall. I think a good alternative to another black bag.

    I can't wait to get my bag!
  5. I think it's beautiful! Go for it.
  6. I have a MA Mini bag in black (with silver hardware) and I am really enjoying it. The black leather is very soft and smooth. My impression of the gray (which I do like very much) is that the leather has a bit more gloss or shine to it. It probably would hold up well in rain or drizzle. I say go for it.
  7. Me too! I could almost pee my pants with excitement. I think the dark grey is a fantastic color and I can't wait to get it. Order ships today!! :yahoo:

    Go for it, and soon. It is selling out.
  8. congrats!! i have a MA in navy but i really want to get another color....

  9. Me three! LOL I'm so excited. My should ship today also.

    Hey MissTiss: Did you order yours from label360??? Did you get the 30% off by doing the survey??? Just wondering.
  10. I bought my mini from Label360 and I did get the 30% off but not because of the survey. A friend gave me a code that worked.

    I am so excited I can wait for it!
  11. Thats GREAT!!! I did a little research and found out about the survey. I tried a couple of other codes and they didn't work.......probably expired.

    I can't wait should be here next week.
  12. Hey you know that Label360 must have sold out of them......because if you go to there website it no longer comes up.
  13. I haven't received notice of shipment yet, I hope my order was processed!
  14. I ordered mine yesterday morning around 8:20.
  15. Sorry for intruding. Where are her bags made?