1. I am trying to get my boyfriend to agree to us getting a Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie)...does anyone have experience with this mix...or either breed? Temperment? Care? (I'm a total dog newbie) I have always wanted a teacup dog and think this breed is to precious to pass up on and since I am a stay-at-home gf for the next three years, it'll be a good time to train and spend time with a new pup!

    Here are some pics from the breeder I am looking at
    puppy_3.jpeg Julian_1_op_464x600.jpeg
  2. That is the cutest freaking dog that I have ever seen!!! I want one too!!!!
  3. looks so cute! more yorkie than maltese, huh?

    i'm not familiar with either breeds but i've heard that yorkies can be yappy but very good companions. my bf had a maltese growing up and he said it was quite obedient and very bright. plus, neither of the breeds shed much! yay for black clothes! :biggrin:

    i hope ur not paying TOO much for it tho..oh, and i'd make sure that both the yorkie and maltese parents are AKC or CKC (Canadian, NOT Continental) registered. if you're going to buy a mix breed from a breeder, make sure it's a purebred mixbreed...get what i mean?
  4. :love: :love: Omg Sooo Cute!!!!

  5. Those pics are ADORABLE, the thing with buying any pup, especially a cute little mixed breed like that is to check out the breeder carefully. And not by calling or emailing references that "she" gives you.

    You need to find out how the parents of your puppy live so that you are not giving your money to someone who keeps their breeding dogs in cages with inadequate food, socialization and medical care.

    Especially if you are buying on-line. It is very easy for those sneaky puppy-millers to put up a website that makes them look like good, caring breeders when actually you are paying them $1500 for a puppy that they would otherwise be selling to the pet shop brokers for $45.

    A good place to start checking out a breeder by going to NoPuppyMills Forums and asking on the forums there.

    And feel free to PM me if you want more info.
  6. I wonder what attributes of the maltese the Morkie has. Very cute.
  7. soooo cute. i have a yorkie and he's playful, soo friendly with children [and really tiny babies] and hes just a joy joy joy. i love him so much. he was easily trained and for the care part, he goes to the groomers i dont know how often my mom takes him. and the vet once in a while.. he eats special food as well because he's soo tiny.
  8. how big do morkies get?
  9. do they also silver with age? or is that only with silkies? am i getting the two breeds mixed up./
  10. barbie: they mature around 4-5lbs.
    i'm not too sure how they age...
  11. I love mixed breeds--and the names are almost as cute as the dogs!!! "Morkie"--how cute is that???

    We have a brand new Poochon--poodle and bichon--also a really adorable mix. Puggles are bigger, but oh so cute too! The pup in my avatar is a Huskweiller--an unintentional mixed breed from the Humane Society, but I think she's pretty darn cute too!!!
  12. you might be able to get some info. on I am also interested in morkie's. I just lost my miniture schnauzer a month ago,(after 9 years) and I wouldn't want to get another schnauzer and compare the two.
  13. My cousin has a morkie & he wasn't supposed to be over 4 lbs according to the breeder, but he is almost 6lbs. There really isn't such a thing as a teacup, that is a marketing ploy. toy breeds like Malties, yorkies, morkies & the like run between 3.5 to 7 lbs. A breeder or "designer puppy" seller will lie & promise a smaller dog, don't believe it. Ask a vet & find out about these babies for yourself. Some breeders starve the puppies a little to stunt their growth, do not buy from anyone who promises a "teacup" sized dog.
    Small breeds can have hypoglycemia & need a lot of care, so be prepared & read up befoer you consuder one as a pet. That said, I have a small malty & he is the greatest dog ever!! No health problems & I got him rom a great mom & pop breeder who lived near me while I was growing up.
  14. THAT DOG IS SO ADORABLE!!!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:!!!!
    (sorry I really had to comment here Lol!)
  15. even if the parents are registered, the puppies would not be registerable, they would be mutts.

    i HIGHLY disagree with the purposely mixing of 2-3 dog breeds (aka designer dogs).:cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    why do you want a "morkie"? why not just get a yorkie or maltese? why not just get a tiny mixed breed from a shelter or rescue? you'll pay much less. most likely, if you buy a "morkie" it won't be well bred. the people who breed these mixes are most likely just looking to make $$$. the reason good breeders breed is to improve the breed. most don't make any money (some lose money) between vet bills, time, food, health testing, shots, etc.

    since, pretty much all of those designer mutts are badly bred and come from puppy mills, they'll be prone to health problems, so look forward to lots of vet bills.

    no matter how cute those puppies look, you could find an equally or cuter puppy by looking at shelters. there are lots of chi-a-poos, morkies, labradoodles, poochons, puggles, etc in shelters that need homes or else they'll be killed, why not help them??

    if you do decide on a purebred yorkie or maltese, i would be more than happy to help you find a great breeder.