morimoto or le bernardin


Nov 28, 2005
school is getting me down and even though my spring break just ended i'm already feeling really blah so i've decided to treat me and my boyfriend (only taking him cuz i hate to eat alone and not cuz he deserves it :amuse:) to dinner somewhere nice on friday....

so i was wondering if anybody on the forum has eaten at either of these two places and if so, what they thought of the food/service/price.......i've heard great things about both places and i'm kinda leaning toward morimoto but just wanna be sure i'm not spending hundreds on crappy food.....

oh and also....of course food is important to me but i also wanna go somewhere not too stuffy.....i hate stuffy restaurants with condescending waiters.....
I"ve heard Morimoto was good on Food TV (expensive too), I've heard the name Le Bernardin but haven't heard anything positive/negative...sorry, maybe there's reviews on the internet?
i've read the reviews but i trust the tastes of the forum ladies more than random reviews :biggrin:........also the reviews are kinda all over the place (some love, some hate), so i just thought i'd ask for more opinions
i look really young and waiters at expensive restaurants tend to talk to me as if they were talking to a 5 year old.....i'm kinda afraid i'll feel really uncomfortable at le bernardin and not enjoy my meal

sweetsparkle was the service good?
We had a very nice experience at Morimoto, I'm a very picky eater, I found the menu quite interesting,with a lot of unique dishes, We didnt have any problems with stuffy staff either.The decor is beautiful.
I hope you have a great time where ever you decide to go.
would you recommend going more for the sushi/rolls/raw stuff or for the hot entrees/appetizers.....or half and half.....*sigh....curse my indecisiveness.....i coudln't make a decision to save my life....
I've also been to the Morimoto in Philly and I love the food! I was pregnant at that time so I can't order anything raw. So I had the Kobe beef (don't remember the name)...most tender beef I've had. Anyway, we all enjoyed our food and the service was also very good. Morimoto was there when we went so we were able to take pictures with him (yeah, I know!) and he was very nice. I still have the menu that he signed for us. FYI...I'm a huge Iron Chef fan which is why we travelled from NJ to Philly just to have dinner there.

Never been to Le Bernardin though.
I love sushi and i've tried almost every restaurant imaginable....but honestly, Morimoto is not one of my favourites. Even nobu is better IMO. I recently tried a place called Bond Street - less expensive than Morimoto but very good.

Le Bernardin service was outstanding. The restaurant was a bit stuffy but I loved the food. I recommend the tasting menu.