Morganite E-Ring Question

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  1. Hi everyone, i know absolutely NOTHING when it comes to diamonds and gem-stones so i apologize. my dbf and i have been looking at rings and the one i like is quite pricey. He is an amazing man and I know he is working hard and saving to buy me my "dream" ring. I recently stumbled upon a beautiful morganite ring that i fell in love with. of course i would love a pink diamond (who wouldn't) for an e-ring but i don't want my dbf to break the bank and go into debt for it and when this is equally beautiful and I would be over the moon. Now here is the dilemma, how do stones like this hold up? I know absolutely nothing about jewelry and if this would even be a good choice for an engagement ring I was thinking of doing the centre stone morganite surrounded by a diamond halo and band. Does it scratch easily? Now my boyfriends issue is that because this is significantly cheaper then the other ring we saw, he feels like he's being cheap and cheaping out the ring. I am not materialistic, I would much rather the extra money go to our house or purchasing something for our home. How can i explain this to him? and also is this a bad idea for an engagement ring? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. If you love it and think you'll be happy with it, then why not?
    Tell your boyfriend, this is the ring you want and if you change your mind later, maybe for your 10th (25th?) anniversary he can replace the center stone with a pink diamond.
  3. You know I´ve been considering a Morganite e ring as well and I have the same "worries" like you.
    First, Morganite is hard enough to wear daily - I mean it´s not as hard as a diamond for sure. But if you are careful with it it should be no problem.

    Second and most important. Of course is a Morganite ring much much cheaper than a diamond ring, but it can also be significantly bigger and you can pick a VERY beautiful stone.
    You will have to be clear what you want in general.

    Do you want a diamond ring? If so, how much is the budget?
    Can this buy you the diamond size you want? Then ask yourself if you´d rather have a very beautiful bigger ring but at a much lower price?
    I would not consider a Morganite, if you are going to buy a similar size stone, than the diamond you could afford. Then I would definitely go for the diamond.

    I for myself want a ring that fits my finger beautifully, and unfortunately I have large fingers, so a diamond in the size needed will much likely be too expensive and as I´m not willing to go for a small stone, a Morganite is definitely an option for me.

    But there is absolutely no need to think that it´s not expensive enough! The most important thing is for YOU to love your ring. And besides you can also spend a lot of money on a perfect Morganite stone, because there are many hues of pinks, some are more expensive than others and of course the cut is very important to a gemstone. You can very well spend around 4k on a perfect, big Morganite. At least in Europe you can :smile:
    Good luck!
  4. katie rose: great idea!!

    and LovingDiamonds:

    yes I completely agree, thank you, you have been very helpful. I greatly appreciate it :smile:
  5. Have you considered maybe trying to find a pale pink sapphire? Those will be hardier for long term wear.
  6. I did not, thank you!! i didn't know those came in a pale pink colour
  7. Thank you, and what about these? I don´t know if you would also consider Moissanite, but certainly they are oh so beautiful and very affordable...available at schuhbach online.
    Hard as a diamond, sparkle like a diamond or even more and have the beautiful Morganite color :smile: Although I would´t go for a white Moissanite, the barely pink color is something I very well consider since it´s sooooo beautiful!!!
  8. They do, you just have to do a little digging to find a nice one.
  9. An interesting bit of trivia: the Morganite is known as the stone of divine love. Very appropriate for an engagement ring :smile:
  10. Personally I love the idea of a morganite e-ring - a sizeable cushion cut with a delicate micropave diamond halo...:drool: :yes:
  11. I own a 10carat morganite ring in rose gold. It's absolutely gorgeous, but I read somewhere that it is best to wear morganite in the evening as it loses some of its color if exposed to sunlight. Just a thought to be considered.
  12. What about kunzite?

  13. Oh, please post a picture. I would so love to drool over that beauty!!!
  14. Here is my 10 carat morganite ring in rose gold with diamonds on the sides. The picture doesn't do it justice. :smile:

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  15. ^ beautiful!!! Love the color!! Thanks for posting the picture!