MORGAN OAKLEY bags anyone?

  1. I've just discovered this designer and quite like the Ditch bag. Does anyone own a Morgan Oakley? Do you like yours? Post pictures!
  2. I wanted this bag last summer when ShopIntuition had them in every color-- but I hesitated and they were all gone!
  3. I have one!! I have the baby ditch in chocolate and I like it a lot. The leather is pretty thin but super soft. The lining is a bright pink and is really cute. I love the bag. I think the regular ditch would be huge since the baby one is pretty big. has some on sale.
  4. I just bought myself the baby ditch in grey. The color is fantastic as well as the soft! I am wishing I would have bought the ditch though. I didn't because I was afraid it would be bigger than me, but the baby ditch, although looks big....isn't that big. I do love it regardless. I have had it for 2 days and can't even count how many compliments I have received. So cute. If you want an adorable bag for a decent price, these are the hot item. I love how the handles feel on my shoulder and how easy the magnetic closure works. The baby ditch is a little hard to find. They are currently on pre-order from lisa kline.
  5. They are sold out.
  6. These are great bags. I love all the fun colors they come in. The leather is really soft too!
  7. I just saw some MO ditch bags in a shop in Charleston-- lovely in person. Soft leather, saturated colors.
  8. I just got a cobalt blue one in the mail today. I bought it for $207 from Blue Elephant in Austin (

    Here she is:

  9. ^^

    How do you like it? Is the regular ditch really big? I have the baby ditch and find it the perfect size.
  10. It's good. A nice, large bag but not ginormous.
  11. That's very pretty. How do you like the brightness of the bag -- does it seem electric like you need to shade your eyes or a medium cobalt blue?
  12. It is a bright blue. I would say a very bright cobalt, but eye-shielding isn't necessary. Close, though!
  13. Thanks!:supacool:
  14. They have it in Teal at Blue Elephant for 207.00. Perfect fro spring.

  15. That's a pretty shade.