Morgan in black

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  1. Has anyone seen this on sale?
    I kinda :p need a new travel bag and have thought about this one for a while, but getting it on sale would make it even better!
  2. I saw one at the JC boutique in San Francisco. I'm pretty sure my SA said it was included in the sale. I would call to double check as the bag wasn't displayed but they took it out of the back when I asked about it. Ask for Eric or Joe 415-856-5431
  3. I think bluefly has one.
  4. Thanks to both of you! :smile:

    I checked Bluefly and it's not listed. I know they used to sell the white one.
    I'll call the SF boutique later today and see what they have.
  5. Bluefly is having a sale and they take about 50% of their bags off the site when they do.:cursing: It will probably be back tomorrow.