Morgan Freeman

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  1. I hope he'll be ok!
  2. It seems as if Morgan Freeman is having a run of bad luck lately. Days after the Academy Award-winning actor was involved a potentially life threatening car accident, his business partner announced that Freeman and his wife Myrna Colley-Lee are calling it quits after 24 years of marriage.
    The couples’ attorney Bill Luckett confirms the rumors, stating that the pair “are involved in a divorce action.” He adds “for legal and practical purposes, [Freeman and Colley-Lee] have been separated since December of 2007.”
    Freeman, 71 has four children - two from previous relationships and two with Colley-Lee. The two met in 1976 while they were both working on Broadway.
  3. Oh no! I guess the rumors about the passenger that was in the car with him are true. :sad:
  4. There has been buzz that he and his wife were splitting up way before the car wreck.

    I wonder if the breakup will work out. Older people ending long marriages always run the risk of discovering that whatever they thought they would get that would be so much better than the erstwhile spouse will end up being just like somebody they dated and discarded before they ever got married in the first place!
  5. It says they have been separated since December 2007, so I guess it's not because of the passanger traveling with him.
  6. :sad:
  7. wow. 24 years...
  8. 24 years? Tragic.
  9. After 24 years?! Wow...
  10. Yeah, read that the other day...Sad after 24 years! I wonder what went wrong with the marriage.
  11. Jeez. They've been married for an eternity in Hollywood.
  12. 71? He looks great for his age!
  13. Oh, that's terrible! :sad:
  14. Sad!
  15. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Here they are....She was distinguished looking also.