Morgan Freeman

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  1. I agree, his voice is legendary, so happy he will be fine!:biggrin:
  2. I didn't know he's 70! That's so inspirational to see someone who is an age that I think of as "old" and not think of them as being an "old" person at all.

    And I was thinking he was driving some swank Benz or something and they said he was in a '97 Maxima.
  3. oh..hope he's going to be alright...
  4. I'm glad that he is going to be ok!! He's such a great actor!
  5. Thank God he's fine. Waiting for his recoverery.
  6. This is all good to hear. Googling around, the most troublesome-sounding things are reports of neck and knee injuries, which could take some recovery time for anyone at any age, hopefully both will be minor, and he will get away with a busted but surgically-repaired elbow.

    I read somewhere that his condition has been bopped back to "serious" again, which, at the risk of engaging in unfounded speculation, could mean that he has been moved from intensive care, and I also read somewhere that the "serious" is because he will have to have an operation on the elbow, so if all that is accurate, hopefully he will emerge patched up but fine, and back on the set in a few months, to continue delighting us all.

  7. OMG!! that was the movie role that I always associate him with. he was brilliant!
  8. Aw, I hope he continues to get better too. I adore this man. His cute face always warms my heart, and I just love his voice. :smile:
  9. Such a class act! Hope he's going to be ok...I totally forgot about him being on Electric Company!
  10. Yes! You know it's bad when I heard about the accident and I blurted out, "Mr. Clark!"
  11. ahhh great news that it sounds positive now
  12. I was watching the Wendy Williams show today to catch up on the celeb gossip- and they said he was with another woman (other than his wife). I didn't even know he was married! :nuts:

    Wendy is so funny- she said that that 1997 Nissan was his down low car- so he could be incagnito with his "lady"
  13. I have always adored him I have him in my prayers. I love him in every role he every plays. He is a great actor and seems like such a nice person.
  14. So happy to know that he'll be ok. Most 70 yo men can't recover from a bad accident like that, good to know that he's healthy and strong :biguns:
  15. I hope he recovers swiftly and 200%. I still remember seeing him at the movies for 'Driving Miss Daisy', :heart: him!