Morgan for Men

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  1. Has anyone's DH/DP have one, do they like it, good fit, good strap length? Which size do they have medium or large?

    Many thanks :tup:
  2. Maple, are you jumping off the sofa to buy your DH a Mulberry??!!! lol
  3. Indeed lol, he's such a sweetheart so I thought I'd surprise him with a messenger for Valentines day, I'd rather invest the money into a bag than being ripped off buying a few stems of roses for quarter of the price of the Morgan.

    It's going to shock him anyway, he'd never expect this but he works so hard and deserves a little Mulberry :smile:

    I'm thinking small morgan at this stage of the planning.
  4. the warren tote is so lovely and it has handles ans a long strap
  5. I'll go take a look thanks SS!
  6. I had the small morgan in the dark brown and sent it back but am thinking that was a mistake so I may buy it again, it is a very nice understated bag for men.
  7. What were your reservations?

    I did read someone mentioning because it was quite narrow not much could be fit in, and also there is the strap length being excessively long.

    That's why I haven't jumped at it yet.
  8. I have the larger Anthony is not as thin on the bottom as the Morgan and is great for daily use and all the essentials you need.
  9. Thank you BM, I will have a look at the large Anthony - it seems a bit more roomy as you say, thanks so much, appreciate your response.