more wall st opening pics

  1. Thanks, Katel!
  2. gracias!!!
  3. Thanks Katel:smile:

    First she holding a H clutch?
  4. Great pics - I'm surprised, it appears only Rachael Weisz was carrying a Hermes bag!
  5. Chloe Sevigny is carrying a vintage H bag as well. I think the name may be "Cordage".
  6. great photos.. thanks for sharing!!
  7. Bagdizzy,

    From what U can tell it is a vintage H bag. (Chloe is a big vintage fan...)

    Like this's called the Cordelière...although hers looks slightly different, the closure is the same.

  8. Thanks Quinn's Mom and HG :smile:

    my first thought was a chaince'de ance clutch something...
  9. Great pics!
  10. Thanks for posting them, Katel - those were fun.
  11. The Chain d'Ancre clutch has a flat profile and the closure has a what appears to be half of a chain d'ancre link which a leather tab feeds through.
  12. Thanks for the proper info and spelling HG:smile:
  13. Thanks, Katel! The afterparty decor (photo 16) looks just like the set of Equus in London from this March!