More Waiter annoyances

  1. I think its rude when you give your waiter cash for your bill and they only bring you back large bills for change....instead of breaking it up and including ones. Like if your bill is only $20.00 and they give you all 10s and 20s in change if you gave them $100 bill. what are they thinking?

    I hate when I ask for oil and vinegar for my salad and then the salad comes and I have to sit and wait for 10 min. until they bring the oil and vinegar.

    I hate when our dinner comes and we are sitting there without napkins and silver ware and we have to hunt them down.

    I really annoys me when they keep asking my husband if he wants a drink refil and totally ignores me. Or when they ask only him if everything is alright and get they get him anything else...dont they know that I have the influence on how much tip they get or dont get?

    :rant: :rant:
  2. Yes...
    I have the experience with the changes as well. It annoys me so much! I got so mad, I left all my coins from my coin purse on the table. I know they are more than enough for 20 % tips...let him count the coins !!
  3. Being a waitress is harder than it seems. The people I have to deal with some days..UGH throughout the shift I go :cry: :rant: :censor: .

    I'm really critical about restaurants though, and you're right, some servers are just plain careless and think it is below them which makes me wonder why they even work at a restaurant. :blink:
  4. It's only happened to me a couple of times, but I hate it when the server assumes they can keep the change and won't ask if we need change or just won't bring back the change.

    But I don't really like to complain about servers. It's hard work and a lot of customers are rude, tip badly, etc.
  5. Oh I love when your bill is like $8.00 and you give them a $20 and they say...."Do you need change?".

  6. lol , :roflmfao: :roflmfao: