More VS Codes!

  1. I just got this email and I thought I'd share with you

    40% off Cozy Bathrobes... I love bathrobes!! :girlsigh:
    Enter GETCOZY

    Limited Time Offer: 20% Off Career Pants Ends Nov. 8!
    Enter PANTS20

    10 Off & Free Panty with Angels by Victoria's Secret(R) Bra Purchase
    Enter COTTON10
    And my favorite :yahoo:

    Our Gift to You: 25% Off Select Victoria's Secret PINK(R)! Offer Ends Nov. 8
    Enter PINK25

    and the usual
    $15 off 100 dlls
    $30 off 150
    $75 off 250
    $150 off 500

    Enter GIVEVS
  2. Thanks! I love their robes.