More versatile--Fuschia Denim Baggy GM or Fuschia Neo Speedy?

  1. I have been wearing my baggy gm in the original blue for the past few days now and I love being hands-free. :smile:

    The bag is so cute and slouchy i just love it.

    I had planned on getting a fuschia speedy before they sell out (already have a blue speedy).

    But now I like the Baggy GM so much I dont know which one to get. I won't buy it for another month or so but I'm just wondering which is more versatile and can be dressed up or down?

    I'm thinking the neo speedy but I really love being hands-free with my baggy gm.


    I dont want to buy another bag that I can only wear with jeans and t-shirts. that's what my blue baggy is for. I will only but the baggy gm in fuschia if it is versatile enought to be dressed up or down. Otherwise I'll stick to the neo speedy. :yes:
  2. Baggy!:biggrin:

  3. Really? So you think I can dress up a with a fuchia baggy gm and not look weird. Like wear it with a dress and heels?

    I'm glad to hear your opinion b-cuz i always thought the fucshia speedy was nore of a dress upper
  4. I feel that Speedy is really sporty looking. Or maybe I just think that because mine is reg. denim. Sorry, now I am all counfused myself!!!:lol: How about getting a mini pleaty in pink?:idea:
  5. i like the speedy so much more. I have it in denim blue and green and i love them both!
  6. The mini is too mini for me. I love the size of the baggy gm and the shape of the neo speedy.

    the speedy really is gorgeous, especially in fucshia. But now I have my head all twisted b-buz I like that the baggy gm is hands free :blink:
  7. Both of them are pretty casual bags as denim inherently is a casual fabric, but if you're looking for a bag that can be dresed up or down I'd look at the Pleaty's:
    Mini Pleaty- $655

    Pleaty- $1,100 (it currently doesn't some in fuschia but it can't be that far off)
  8. i always like the epi line for the dressed up look but that doesn't really answer your question. I think the speedy, it would look great with a pink skirt or something
  9. Thanks so much for your suggestions.....but I'm stubborn and I'm really set on either the neo or the gmin fuschia.

    Which one which one?? :oh:
  10. I think speedy in fushia, or how about PM? It's smaller, so a little dressier looking than GM, still hands free, but still roomy enough to hold all the essentials. Check mine out on my thread.
  11. can you post a link to your thread? i wanna see. :yes:
  12. You could always wait for the Winter collection and get something completely different. I find if I tend to duplicate or triplicate, I will always gravitate back to the original color I bought. Maybe get the denim shoes? If you are really stuck on one or the other, flip a coin, they are both beautiful bags. I am lovin my mini pleaty in fuscha!
  13. Pink baggy
  14. yea, i think the denim pattern isnt very dressy. try damier or epi for that. and i definitely prefer neo speedy over the baggy, but since you already have a casual bag, i suggest getting different bag
  15. SPEEEDY ... for a change ;D