more versatile: damier azur speedy or mini lin ebene speedy?

  1. in the 30 size, i cant decide between the two.. i love them both, but which do you think would be more versatile/wear with more things but still be noticed. I am also getting the black epi soufflot. :smile:
  2. I LOVE my Ebene Mini Lin Speedy (I was debating between that and an Azur Speedy)...I think the Mini Lin goes with everything and is so different!
  3. Mini Lin ebene .. matches every color and is elegant!
  4. first instinct is to tell you that you should choose the MINI LIN just because it is one solid color and usually it is a bit easier to match a solid color to many clothing patterns and styles.
  5. I love the azur!! It depends on what you wear really.....I wear neutrals, so azur always works for me.
  6. hmm, is one easier to clean/ take care of than the other? thanks for all the help! :smile:
  7. I vote for the Mini Lin. So easy to care for. No Vachetta to worry about and you still get the LV logos. It is light weight. If you don't like the sag. Here is a trick I learned here. I take an empty DVD case and open it up and lay it flat on the bottom. It fits perfect.

  8. i vote or mini lin too! i saw a girl with it at BART today after work! it looked so cute on her, and much more versatile.
  9. I like the azur, especially when it gets a nice patina!
  10. I think the mini lin ebene would go with more things, but since you are getting a black epi soufflout I would get the damier azur for more color variety. So you will have both a dark bag and a lighter toned one.
  11. I have the azur speedy and I'm deciding if I should get the mini lin? Coz i really like it alot too...
  12. Of course, in a perfect world it would be nice to have both - one darker color and one lighter. But in terms of versatility, I would cross over seasons more with the mini lin than azur. Although the mini lin is darker, I would wear it all year long, even in warmer weather because it's a linen blend and very lightweight. (I also wear alot of earth tones in the summer anyway) I have the mini lin and just looks so good with everything and just makes all my outfits (even crappy ones) look that much better!
  14. the ivory epi speedy is kinda beautiful too.. ack! so many options!! =P