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  1. No, I haven't seen this but I like it so far! I like that it's like a bowler in that it zips down the sides.
  2. Oh this!
  3. Haven't seen it----it looks great in the picture, but 17 inches is pretty long. I would love to see it irl.
  4. Don't know about that finish - you think it would hold up OK? After all the Cervo Lux stories going around, I'd be a bit worried. Also, I recently saw a Mulberry goat leather bag on holidays and thought it was a bit tough. Jury's out on this one for me...
  5. Yes, I'd have to see this irl first before I make any judgments. I won't lie and say my eye was drawn to this bag when I first saw it on the website. No one has the craquele finish and I don't know how it feels.
  6. Not particularly impressed with this one (sorry...just my personal opinion).
  7. cuirous too abt seeing it IRL
  8. That finish makes me nervous, too. I see visions of Cracking Cervo Lux and Bleeding Fairies with it, though I hope I'm wrong.

    I'll be shopping this weekend and let you guys know if I see one.
  9. ^ Darn finishes!

    Absolutely love the simplicity of the bag itself though! Num Num Num
  10. I think "Bleeding Fairies" would be a great name for a band. :P

    If any of you see it in RL, see if you can sneak a couple of pics for we locally Prada-deprived! :graucho:
  11. ^^^I'd love to help on the photos, but I've already been warned by our NM that's a big no no. :angel:
  12. I'm probably just naive here, but why do the stores not want photos?

    I was in NM in DC a couple of weeks ago and openly took pictures of everything they had in stock--Chanel, BV, and Prada. The only thing the SA said to me is to make sure that I gave her name out! Of course I was buying an expensive bag, so maybe she didn't want to rock the boat.

  13. I can think of quite a few reasons, actually. I only know that the NM I frequent is pretty firm on this point. Darn it! :hysteric:
  14. i'm scared of fancy finishes too... so can't decide yet until someone can give a review...