More troubles for Anna Nicole

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    While I am not really fan, I do feel bad for her about her son....but did she honestly thonk someone was giving her a house?

    The story from People:
    The day after Anna Nicole Smith buried her son Daniel, a letter was hand-delivered to her house in the Bahamas ordering her to leave the residence by Oct. 31, PEOPLE has learned.

    G. Ben Thompson, a Myrtle Beach, S.C., developer, says he owns the property in New Providence where Smith has been staying. He says he purchased the house for a bit less than $1 million in August as a favor to Smith, whom he befriended after he met her through neighbors in mid-2005.

    Smith was then supposed to sign a mortgage to buy the house from him, he says, but she has refused to do so. "She said it was a gift," Thompson tells PEOPLE. "I never said that. I don't have that kind of money."

    An attorney representing Thompson delivered the letter to the house on Oct. 20; if Smith does not leave, Thompson says, he will pursue a formal eviction. "I don't want to embarrass her or humiliate Anna," he says. "I just need my money, or collateral, back."
  2. wow some people really are full of themselves eh:rolleyes: I could just see her in her "Trimspa" voice saying "uh hah he he, you don't want to just give me the house":kiss:
  3. Hmmm...


    SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico(AP) Anna Nicole Smith didn't appear Monday for a meeting in the Bahamas requested by the lawyer for an ex-boyfriend who claims he is the father of her 6-week-old daughter.
    Photographer Larry Birkhead has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles seeking a court order to demand Smith bring the baby to California for a paternity test. Her attorneys have argued the court does not have appropriate jurisdiction.
    Debra Opri, a lawyer for Birkhead who traveled from Los Angeles to take a deposition from Smith in the Bahamas, said she would use Smith's nonappearance Monday to argue for dismissal of that challenge.
    "We're letting her know if she wants to make it this way, we're not going to make it easy for her," Opri said in a phone interview from Nassau.
    Smith, 38, a reality TV star and former Playboy playmate, moved to the Bahamas while pregnant with Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern, who was born Sept. 7. Smith has said that her companion, lawyer Howard K. Stern, is the baby's father.
    A Bahamian attorney for Smith said he believed Opri needs to work through local courts to demand a test from his client, who has obtained permanent residency in the islands.
    "If anyone is to be inconvenienced, let him be inconvenienced and bring this action here," Wayne Munroe said of Birkhead.
    Munroe said Smith stood by her decision not to voluntarily submit her daughter for testing.
    In a statement Monday to syndicated TV show "Extra," Stern said the meeting to take depositions was "nothing more than a publicity stunt."
    A hearing is scheduled Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court. If Birkhead is confirmed to be the father, he could receive visitation or custody rights and possibly a large amount of child support.
  4. too much drama is going on with this woman
  5. Well...Miss Anna Nicole never ceases to give us something to shake our heads about! According to the guy on Court TV yesterday, Anna was having an affair with this Thompson, and when she told him she was pregnant by him, he said no way, sister, I had a vasectomy!!! whereupon she told him the guy in LA was the true father-then she reniged on the house deal-wish I were a big blonde (just kidding, blondes!!)
  6. I don't understand. Did she expect him to just give her the house?
  7. I've really lost all sympathy I had over Anna Nicole and the death of her son. I think she sounds like she really likes to use and take advantage of people.

    I read somewhere that the residency she was granted in the Bahamas was related to her purchase of a house there (which she obviously didn't do). I would not be sorry to see her lose her residency there and be forced back to the US to take paternity and drug tests.

    If the other man is the father of her child, I think it is wrong to keep him from seeing her. If she is on drugs, she should have to face the consequences of that as well. Peggy
  8. where is Maury when you need him???:lol:
  9. LOL! that's funny:lol:
  10. It makes sense that he is telling her to get out

    Otherwise, depending on the state, she may establish a right that the house is hers -- which depends a lot on the amount of time she spent living there
  11. Who knows what to believe???
  12. From US Weekly today....

    If Anna Nicole Smith is forced to leave the Bahamas, will she take her late son with her? On October, 19, the 38-year-old former model buried her son, Daniel, in the Bahamas, where she was hoping to live permanently (allegedly to avoid a U.S. paternity test on her newborn daughter Dannielynn).

    However, now that Smith's elligibility for residency is being challenged, a source tells MSNBC's The Scoop that Smith may have his body exhumed and taken with her when she returns to the United States.

    “Now that she might get booted out, the word is she’s going to take her son’s body with her," says the source

    Last week, Hubert Ingraham, head of the main opposition Free National Movement and a former prime minister, pronounced the TrimSpa spokeswoman unfit to live on the islands after learning that another person owns the waterfront mansion that Smith claimed was hers in an application for permanent residency.

    "Clearly, Anna Nicole Smith is not a fit and proper person to become a permanent resident of the Bahamas," said Ingraham. "Her general character and reputation don't commend her for such status."
  13. What's going to happen if the little girl is, in fact, Birkhead's? Is he going to want custody of her? Does he want to pay support? What?

  14. Exactly what I was going to say. I feel for her, but at some point she needs to grow up.:shrugs: