More Tom and Katie pictures!

  1. Is it just me or does she look really unhappy? Her smil just looks so forced!

    Tom Cruise's plane's name is "Kiss me Kate".




  2. Jeez could they POSSIBLY look fakier?
  3. great pics if they had a real couple with true is all i can say
  4. More important-how the hell are they the same height in those pictures!? Katie's 5'10 and Tom is like 5'6! He's either wearing lifts or Scientology is shrinking Katie.

    They're so creepy.
  5. He tries waaaay too hard..........
  6. okay . . . I TOTALLY think this whole relationship is WACKO! But I think the photos are beautiful!
  7. I think the photo is beautiful. I love where they took it and that it is in black and white. No, I think her smile is peaceful.

    His top hand is what I think is freaky. How can such a short man have such long fingers? It's all I can look at when I see the photo? YIKES!

    I do like the photos even though I question the relationship. Kinda creepy to me.
  8. That is exactly what I was thinking. :wacko:
  9. Those are great photos but I don't believe for a minute that they are in love or that he is the biological father of this child.
  10. Oh My God His Fingers Are Too Long!!!!
  11. If you look closely, those are actually Katie's fingers...
    why would she fake happiness? She could leave him any time...he didn't make her famous.
  12. Katie, please give birth to your baby as soon as possible!
  13. the only thing i can think when i see those two is how glad i am that it isn't me...i could never go through life in flats. yikes! :smile:
  14. I kind of like the first photo :shame:
  15. photos are definitely a beauty. were these taken for some mag? if so, which one?