more tokidoki bags collected

  1. I just got the tokidoki bag with the evil character from Germany. Its so cute!! love it.
    I couldnt resist the zucca spiggia, its the perfect placement for me.
    And got the inferno bambino from oshun for 20% off, its so cute!!
    DSCN1709.jpg DSCN1708.jpg DSCN1699.jpg DSCN1702.jpg DSCN1711.jpg
  2. i love th evil character one the most! where did you get it?
  3. Its from Germany eBay. It was really cheap about $10.
  4. that's such a cute bag!! $10?! wow that's a steal! :tup:
  5. Great bunch of bags!!!:tup:
  6. I love that bag with the evil character! Very unique :smile:
  7. OMG lucky! $10 for that bag? lol... I really want a sweet gothic bag. I might get the one on eBay right now but I'm wondering if I should wait it out also :sweatdrop: too many bags not enough money
  8. wow thats a pretty cheap and cute bag!
  9. I'm trying to get some of those devil bags. The eBay seller that sells them is ok if your buying lots of things cos shipping is quite a lot plus they only accept the international bank transfers and here in the uk that costs between £15-20 so thats an extra $30-40 just to make the transfer:wtf:.
    So how much did you realy end up paying after shipping and bank fees?
  10. oh nice zucca spiggia btw.
  11. shipping was only 8euro to Holland, then my friend had took it back with him when he came back to US.
  12. oh, i want a spiaggia zucca. and love that deviltoki bag. ebay germany,eh? hmmm...
  13. Ah thats not so bad then, quite a bargain!
  14. BEAUTIFUL Zucca! My perfect placement. XD But really, very pretty!

    And very cute little devil bag! 8D
  15. kokebon - ahh I love your new toki bags!!! congrats :biggrin: