More to LV than Mono *PICS*

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  1. While I love Mono as much as the next person, as I was cleaning my closet and organizing my bags, I noticed I have a variety of bags from different lines. When I first started collecting 2+ years ago, I only bought Mono and MC (which is still my favorite line) but, there is so many fabulous lines out there! I guess I never really realized it. Here's a picture of a few of my bags that I wanted to share that showcases some of the different lines:

  2. gorgeous!
  3. :wtf: Can I visit you when I go to US:graucho: LOL Fabulous collections Michelle, simply stunning:drool: :love:
  4. Wow....I love them all.
  5. Great collection.
  6. Love them! I never tire of looking at your collection!:yes:
  7. Very NICE!!!! I love them all.
  8. A beautiful and unique collection :heart:
  9. can your collection get any more gorgeous-er michelle?
  10. Gorgeus collection!! Can I see a better pic of the big orange bag?? When did that bag/line come out??
  11. i LOVE the diverse collection! SO LOVELY!!!
  12. What an awesome, diverse photo! :drool: :drool: :drool: And such a beautiful photo. I can never get enough photos of LV.

    That gold theda next to the gold pap looks gorgoeus!
  13. Hahaha. Sure. :smile:
  14. such a variety of lovely bags--- well done!
  15. beautiful collection! must be hard to choose what to carry at times :drool: