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  1. I'm going to watch. I watch (almost) all of the other reality shows so why not this one too? lol
  2. lol :amuse:
  3. I don't like reality shows and find them pointless but am glad to see that they are finally doing one with REAL women. Not sure if I'm gonna watch but you never know maybe I will.
  4. I'm watching!
  5. :Push: Ahhgg! I missed it! Anyone watched it? How was it?
  6. Did I miss it too? I thought it's on tonight!
  7. I hope I didn't miss it! It's on tonight right?
  8. 'More to Love' - a new reality show on FOX premiering tonight
    July 28, 10:47 AM

    From an article...
  9. a good point ...

    a quote from the article!

    "television is becoming representative of the larger, totally confusing debate about body weight, which if I’m not mistaken goes a little something like this: Being overweight is unhealthy, so if you’re overweight you need to slim down. Unless you’re happy being overweight and you love yourself, because self-acceptance is much more important than a number on a scale. Still, you should try to figure out the reasons why you eat the way you do, because it probably stems from some emotional issue that needs to be solved. Or maybe you just really like Black Forest cake. But even if it’s the latter case, you should still probably eat less of it, because being overweight is unhealthy. And so on and so forth. Depending on which of these shows you watch, obesity is either the public-health issue of our lifetime, or a totally valid lifestyle choice"

    i myself struggling with weight and believe in the notion of being healthy, however i do not believe you can be healthy being obese no matter how much one pretend to be happy...this show is just another prove so far and its only 30 minutes in the show!
  10. but why are they listing the weight of the women when they come on and talk? They don't do that with any of the other "I'm here to find true love" reality shows....
  11. Isn't it kind of degrading how they display the girls' weight on the 1-on-1 interviews?
  12. ITA! It seems so unnecessary, it's like we know these women are voluptuous, but do we need to know by how much?