more tips - from the stylish and experienced HERMES ladies:starter bag

  1. Ladysarah, this is a really nice look with the worn jeans and jacket. Gorgeous!
  2. Ladysarah I really love all of your pics! I became a small bag convert over a year ago and never looked back - smaller bags are just more elegant and prevent you from carrying your entire life around all day. I especially love the colour of your KP and the way you pair it with casual outfits - you look great :yes:
  3. Looks great, ladysarah! BTW, I tried to PM you but not sure if it's not showing up in my sent items. Can you let me know if it arrived? :smile:
  4. yes THANK YOU! always so kind... you should have my private email now. I havent bought any H scarves as they are a little overwhelming on me. I love them as ART though...
  5. Agree!!
  6. Love the pics! Also loved the idea of using a bracelet as a strap from another poster. Off-topic, but IMO, your jacket outfit and KP would look great with a CDC bracelet. . . A large bracelet with a small bag. With jeans for day or evening. And as another poster mentioned. . . Ballet flats!


  7. I really like those first 2 looks, like them a lot.
  8. thank you! I see you are English as well? (or you live here anyway.) I think we have different taste from other parts of the world. We are more subdued and non-shiny. For example I would not use the pochette with a chain as for me it would be really hard to find the right one that's not too shiny/blingy and doesnt clash with the hermes bijouterie. I really don't like bling of any kind and always wear comfortable shoes. (though that's more because of the yoga - I am very aware of distorted feet.) I love this little bag now and use it pretty casually - it is beautifully made and an absolute joy to hold!
    whiteshirt.jpg flowery dress.jpg hotpantbbq.jpg
  9. more KP modelling shots... this little bag has hidden depths - and I now find it really easy to carry. - denim from uniglo, satin silk shirt is chanel and shoes are from CLARKS - naturally!;)
    kp2.jpg kpi.JPG
  10. That's another nice, relaxed look and the little KP goes with your outfits very well.

    (And yes, i'm over here too, definately a local :p )
  11. Love your mod shots Ladysarah and I also love how you're using your bag and carrying her in your own style. Which is none too shabby, I might add! Gorgeous outfit with the Chanel shirt and skinny jeans.

  12. Thank you for the inspiration! I have a black swift Kelly elongue w/ gold HW and I realized that i could replicate your look with a beautiful faceted multistrand chain that I had on a suede bag from many years ago. The chain is not too shiny and in one complete piece so it fits under the flap perfectly and is just the right length to wear over the shoulder. It is a nice alternative for times when you want to carry the bag,but might need the shoulder option.
  13. cute look :smile:
  14. Great! Happy to inspire you! Do post mod shots!
  15. My starter kelly:biggrin: a little super vintage 28! How did I manage without it?