more tips - from the stylish and experienced HERMES ladies:starter bag

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    some more casual outfits... do you think this works well with jeans or 'too much'? I used it just once formally (an H event actually) and mostly casually. Cinema, afternoon tea and coffee (cafe nero) blue denim, white t and petal pink scarf for instant tranformation into 'messenger'. Perfect size to carry my copy of Hermés Crafts book...
    clutchhandheld.jpg voila.JPG petal pink.jpg interior.jpg book.jpg voila2.JPG
  2. Don't know about the scarf - looks a bit as if you're trying a bit too hard.
  3. I like it. The scarf would look better if something were done to make it a tighter cord. Like spiral a couple of gold threads around it. You still see the color but it is not so free flowing. Think about the proportions of a channel flap. The chain is small. That is the proportion to try and emulate.

    I like the length and where it falls on your body. You are half way there to a strap solution.
  4. I would save for a kelly and then wear it with the wide Amazon strap, that turns it more casual I think. the kelly is just a timeless beauty.
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    thank you for the honest imput. I think you are right - I am using it as a clutch or hand held and it looks much more elegant. Its just a matter of getting used to it. ...hoping to transform me into a serene and elegant person...;)
  6. I worried after posting my "honest opinion" - worried that I had once again been WAY too frank!!! I'm glad you took it in the spirit in which it was given, just an honest opinion that was asked for. Hope I didn't hurt your feelings!!!
  7. Somehow the clutch and denim casual look doesn't look quite right to me. Sorry.
  8. clutch and denim casual is fine except I am not a fan of the look with the boots. ballet flats, or the wedges you are wearing in the pic but perhaps I would also choose a silk blouse or less plain tee - having said that, the last pic I really like.

    as for the starter bag dilemma - like you, Kelly is my personal fav, and I don't like a Birkin (saw it on a lady the other day, rare as it is where I live, and it was gorgeous but the fuss about this bag, plus its price point are off putting). I got as starter bags a GP (toile and leather), and a Victoria FT (beautiful etoupe clemence), but sold them again as they didn't work for me. in the end I got vintage kellys which need spa treatment (so a future project) but for a RTW bag (LOL) I got the SO Kelly - and love it. I need a bigger bag cause of the kids' stuff plus need to take my laptop everywhere and have usually lots of papers for work, but the main thing is the kelly feature that I love so much and takes this bag from plain to wow, for me at least :smile:

    love the KP but I would need it for eve events only and those are rare for me - one day perhaps LOL! congrats on your gorgeous bag though, love it with your bracelets :smile:
  9. Hi Sorry to jump in here, but just to post another idea. I never get enough use of my KPs and thought to use them as a small handbag for weekend outings with the kids when I already have a larger bag with their stuff. Here I've used an Etriviere bracelet as a strap and looped in through the KP straps at the sides. Hope that makes sense! I'm with you on getting as much use out of the KP: good luck with that!
    Kellys are a favourite with me too!

    Edit: a necklace can work too: I tried this with my 160 Farandole and it worked well. I'm sure another necklace would work just as well.
  10. Ingenious!
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    yu think? I LOVE it actually, we are going to a private view tomorrow and I will be wearing jeans with my KP as a clutch. Perfect look for the London Art Exhibition season. I am posting a couple of photos I found (clutch/jeans one is a KP actually) which look rather nice, let us know what you think... and anyone with cool modelling shots please post its a great way to share ideas.

    brilliant photo - thank you!
    5742573701_923e0a1ee8_o.jpg EN18_005.jpg
  12. I like the idea of a clutch with jeans, but with a nice shirt and shoes, I too am not a fan of a clutch with informal boots (horse riding boots are another story, I find them very classy).
    as for the handle, I'm not a fan of the scarf worn as a handle, a tiny metallic chain would work better IMHO.

  13. ita.
  14. Oh I see - clutch, denim & those boots. The ankle boots are from clarks where I get a lot of my shoes. I do realise I have unusual taste, ( Hermes bag & clarks booties?!) but I hate reptiles and fashion clichés. If you have never tried on a pair of clarks shoes my personal tip is to do so soon.
    Posture will improve and your feet will thank you forever!!!! they are designed so as to softly cushion your step and come in several widths to fit- feel as good as expensive custom made shoes. I do a lot of yoga and I am always looking at people's feet, sad to see the corns and mishapen toes from ( often ) expensive unsuitable shoes. Flat shoes as well as high heels can be a problem and it doesn't stop to creating ugly feet. Knees and the spine are affected and lower back pain is often the result of poor choice in footwear and a heavy bag.
    So for CASUAL dressing clarks shoes, jeans and the pochette used as a sort of large wallet... Please ladies do post photos of your outfit suggestions skinnies avec pochette...or other...would LOVE to see more tips.
    3.jpg 2.jpg hermes clutch.jpg
  15. glad to report back that I am getting used to the kelly 'clutch lifestyle'! Its great with jackets actually as it does not interfere with the line of the outfit like most bags do. Its also helping me with my self discipline issues. (carry less carry less carry less - repeat like a mantra!);)