more tips - from the stylish and experienced HERMES ladies:starter bag

  1. - more advice from the stylish and experienced HERMES ladies... what is a good (2nd) Hermes starter bag?
    Dear ladies - I bought my 'starter' Hermes bag a few months ago after researching this forum. (thank you!) Needless to say it was a great purchase and now looking for another bag to fulfill diffrerent needs. I cannot afford a new Kelly (and do not want a birkin for various reasons I wont go into here) My reasearch has been fairly thorough - as I do not do things by half.. What would you suggest for Me? ( 5.7 slight build female with a casual lifestyle? (hint: loooves kellys):love:
  2. Have you thought about Kelly sport ado bag? Its not a kelly per se, but a nice chic casual version of kelly.
  3. good guess - but no. I tried a sports Kellys on at a 2nd hand shop (designer vintage if you want to sound rather posh) and I looked like the queen of frumps..:graucho:beautiful bag if you are going for the older lady look...
  4. How about Victoria FT?
  5. What are your needs? Everyday bag, formal?
    I know that when you enter Hermes world you want to have everything, I went into that phase too. Then I finally sat down and asked myself what are the features I need in a bag, and found out that most of H bags were not suited for my current lifestyle. The kelly is still in my list, I own 2 and find it very convenient in the 32 size, so I think I will get more in that size and in a leather that can be also worn daily. So I gave up my instinct to buy starter bags like picotin, evelyne or GP to save money for another kelly.
    GL and keep us updated!
  6. A lindy size 30 perhaps? Its quite casual.. Can be worn shoulder carry or on your arm..
  7. What about a trim?
  8. If you're going for a more casual look what about a So Kelly? It's a shoulder bag, open on the top but with Kelly detailing on the hardware. A Trim or a Massai are both great casual bags.
  9. I'd say Bolide as it can be carried as both day/night bag. But not too big ones. Maybe in a brighter colour if you are younger... something like dark red (don't know the name) or blue...
  10. not knowing your requirements, i will suggest the toolbox. it can be shoulder carried by the strap (even crossbody), hand carried by its handles, and when the top folds are unfolded, it is similar to celine luggage totes.
  11. Mayhaps a ALL leather GP for the casual lifestyle ;o)
  12. Save your money and get what you love - a Kelly. If you go the resell route, you can save some serious money.
  13. If you're into shoulder purses, under very under the radar but comfy piece is the Massai cut. If handheld is more to your liking (or not) what about the Paris Bombay or if a bolide go no larger than a 31 bolide as I know you like lighter and smaller purses. My gut says wait for that 28 because that is truly what you want.

    (Apparently NY Wall Street had a 28 in buffalo and I am biting my lips but the heck with it all, if 28s are as rare as I'm told, why can't a boutique 4hrs south of NYC get one?)
  14. How about a vintage plume? I think they are great bag that can dress up or down.
  15. I recently discovered this bag and :love: it!
    Someday I'd love to have a Kelly - but in short term, I'd love to find a toolbox!