More then 50% off Treesje Bags!

  1. is making room for new Spring bags and is selling Teesje bags for over half off! Limited supply, so hurry! Check them out J. LaMore - Treesje. The bag pictured is now $230 from $470, what a steal! Let me know what you think about Teesje bags and if you think we should continue carrying them!
  2. Treesje is an interesting brand; I normally see them on clearance, which tells me that it is a line you really want to consider not carrying. In my opinion, the problem is their designs are all over the place. Some bags have all this metal, too much of it; some have weird little ruffles; some have other things that just don't appeal to me. I would bet the leather is quite nice, but I can't ever get past the designs for the price, which I think is high for just a "so so bag".
    There is just too much on the market for me to choose from - and Treesje doesn't stand out enough. Just my .02, thanks for asking.
  3. i know the gals who own the company. it's a really interesting brand because they outsoursce the bags to get hand detailed by women in thailand. they have this working thing that they have the women doing the bag detailing with traditional arts movements, and paying them so they can support themselves and their families. im sure they still dont get paid all that much but i find it more appealing than outsourcing to china or korea.

    as far as the bags go, i really find them hit or miss design wise. i was supposed to some design work for them, but they moved and i lost contact with them. depends what type of clientel you are selling too....they sold them through the anthropologie catalogue for a while, and i think they fit in with that clientel well...
  4. I completely agree with DiamondGirl1. I saw the bags on clearance somewhere and thought "Wow, what nice leather. Too bad there's all this metal and ruffles." The leather was beautiful though.
  5. I bought one on sale at Luna Boston. I like it well enough, but it is a different look. The leather is beautiful and light, but there's so much stitching I worry about the threads coming loose. I have been carrying it a lot though. I like it because it IS different.
  6. How much do these bags weigh? They look heavy like Kooba bags?
  7. any codes?
  8. I just "borrowed" my first Treesje bag from BBS. I had read recently the "It" bag was no more ( ) so I have been looking for something that is less logo-ish than my LV bags. I thought it would be a nice idea to try one out before committing to it with a full on purchase.

    I was a little skeptic but after receiving it today I am sold. It is the Divino Grande size in white. It fits my style as I am quite feminine and the ruffles do not bother me on this handbag. It is heavy but is a big bag. Something tells me that the smaller bags would be heavy for their size due to the nice leather and finishings. The quality is excellent. I am very impressed.

    It doesn't bother me that they are found on sale as even luxury brands are found marked down. Bluefly is full of them. If a handbag goes with my own personal style and is of a good quality it does not bother me to find it on clearance. Now it's different when everyone is carrying your bag. That is something I liked about going outside the normal luxury brands to find a new bag. The chance of seeing it everywhere in a knock off is much more rare.

    So now I am off to trade everything out of my LV and into this new find. I will need to carry it a few weeks to really be able to tell if it is truly worth it. The function and ease of it needs more testing. I have high hopes:smile: