More than your car??


Do you have a bag that is worth, or cost, more than your car??

  1. Yes. Several, in fact.

  2. No, that's kind of crazy!

  3. No, because I drive a (Rolls, Maclaren, sweet Porsche, etc.)

  4. Yes, but it makes sense because...

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  1. I was reading something the other day and while the overall content of what I was reading was fairly useless, there was one point that made me stop and think for a moment. It struck me as a very interesting without further ado, I want to know...does anyone own a bag that is worth/cost more than your car??

    New York City (and maybe other city) girls, I know this might not apply to you since you probably don't have cars...but I just thought it was such a striking thought that it might make an interesting subject of discussion.

    My answer is No. My car is fairly new, since I never needed one until I left the city. And I can't quite convince DH of the value proposition on a $40,000 croc just yet. LOL!

    I'm really curious about the rest of you, though? You can be as vague or as specific as you like if you choose to answer, I'm just asking out of sociological curiosity. And because I'm an insomniac. :p
  2. No, not if my DH can help it:graucho:

    With all the H shopping recently,he is threatening to buy a Porsche
  3. Unfortunately my obsession with "fine" items translates to cars as well.
  4. oh heavens no. Where I live, I practice "envy pre-emption" and drive a honda SUV. And for bags, I am strictly cow. PHEW!

    ETA: Hey, Cyn, there is no "i drive a humble car" option!!!
  5. Since you brought this up, I am actually this weekend debating between a winter car upgrade or the croc bag I've been dying for (currently available at a reseller). Anyone want to give me advise?
  6. Bag
  7. (cuz I am a simple girl)
  8. CB, the "no, that's kind of crazy" was meant to include "no, I drive a humble car" ;)

    ReneH, depends on whether you NEED a car upgrade. LOL! Because I definitely know you (and we all) need a croc Birkin.

    BTW I just want to make sure everyone knows, this thread is just for fun!!! No judgements here!
  9. I think I've made up my mind. I made an offer on the croc. My winter SUV is just fine. I was only debating cuz its going to be out of warranty, but I would rather pay for repairs, pulling the $ out of my drop dead bag.
  10. WOO HOO Rene!! Congrats, I hope she takes your offer and you have the bag tomorrow!

    I wanna know who drives a Rolls or Maclaren. :graucho: My husband is always on about that Maclaren, and while I admit it's sexy, good GOD that's a lot of bags!
  11. No - one of these days, when I can afford a croc bag, I would hope to own a car that is worth more than the bag :graucho:

    I drive a Toyota, and I love it. LOL I can imagine getting out of my car with a croc Birkin :lol:

  12. ^^^^^^^ I could not have described myself more accurately:nuts:

  13. Ohhhhh great idea Rene!!! I will keep that in mind-- my next car purchase is for 2008.
  14. My answer is "not yet". Within four years I plan on having 28 Sellier Kelly Croc.
  15. No, because (1) I have a nice car (not top of the line luxury, but very nice) and (2) as much as I hate to say this on a purse forum :p, I love my car more than all of my bags combined, so having a bag that costs more than the car is probably never going to happen (DH appreciates this as he is a car buff)