More than what it seems?

  1. I'm working on project with another business for the next few weeks, and it started about three weeks ago. A few people are supposed to be sending out reports, but I'm supposed to see them first to over look them and correct them if need be. I know a few people were having problems, because we have to set up things differently and I had a big talk with everyone involved. The jist of which was if you can not do your work in a timely and correct manner, you will no longer be on this project. One of the women working on it, has not sent in any report for last week and now I see she's sending out the one due for the 21st. :confused1: I really think she's doing this to make me and the other people working with her look bad. What do you all think?
  2. Well, to be very cold-blooded about it, it doesn't really matter why she isn't getting the work done, and you tell us that you already made clear that anyone who does not will be removed from the project, so it seems pretty obvious that the woman in question will be removed from the project, and whether she wished to sabotage you, the group or the company, or whether she was assigned to tasks that were simply beyond her capacity, does not matter.