More than one MAN!

  1. You have been in this situation before. You are in a relationship, or married and happy to boot. However you come across a man that you find yourself "wildly attracted to". Now what? Has this ever happened to you?????:confused1:
  2. Oohhhh yes this has happened to me!

    ;) I'm now with the man that I was wildly attracted to! I met him through my cousin (they used to work at the same company) one summer when I was still with exboyfriend. We became friends, exchanged emails, telephone calls and sent birthday gifts to eachother. My ex knew about him, and didn't have a problem. We weren't more than friends at the itme :smile:
  3. Definately in past relationships but not with my current hubby. My hubby gives me a bit of a challenge still so I stay interested. With my ex-hubby tho I was attracted to another man. I left my hubby and wound up getting engaged to the other man but left him. Now I have finally met a man that "completes me." OMG that is so cheesy. I swear I am not normally that type of person but I just simply ADORE him!
  4. Oh just a piece of advice. Really think about anything before you act. And remember this: you could jump from the frying pan into the FIRE! Everything is fresh and new at the begininng. Hubby calls it the shiny penny. They all become dull but you can polish the one you have and keep it for years to come.
  5. Hm ... happens all the time. I'm attracted but never WILDLY attracted per se. I always just ignore that feeling and go on with my life though:lol: .
  6. Ha Ha I know what you mean, well in my case my husband now was that "other man" 6 years ago. I met him at work. We are very happy now. Me and my ex are on good terms though. We have an older child together. We both knew it was basically over we were just hanging on to a teenage love gone too far. After he was finished throwing a hissy fit he finally said he's happy for me.
    I have not thought of another man as far as being with someone else since being with my husband. And I work in a male dominated profession. Sometimes I will admit if a guy is cute or something then I just move on. I'm still very attracted and in love with my husband.
  7. Sure, and I know my BF has as well. We're in a committed relationship but we (and any other red-blooded human) are always going to meet people we are attracted to.

    For me, I am friendly with men but I don't give off vibes that I'm "available."
  8. triple post!!! :shrugs:
  9. strange goings on!!!
  10. hopefull sorted now !! :yes:
  11. I appreciate looking at gorgeous men, its nice and not harmful to anybody. And I think its healthy in any marriage to still appreciate a nice body or pretty face :graucho: I enjoy looking at gorgeous woman too :yes:

    However, I never think about what it would be like to sleep with them or be with them. The things I get with my husband, I could never get from a guy that was maybe 10lbs lighter, or 5 years younger, because it would take them that long to learn how I like my buttons pushed, and by that point they would be heavier and older too! - so there is really no contest!!!! :lol:
  12. Actually, what my SO and I do sometimes is that we'll check out girls together; although he gets frustrated with me because I made it look too obvious. As for guys, while my SO is not interested in checking guys out with me, he doesn't mind if I check them out and comment on it. I think it kind of helps to do these joint observations activities together.
  13. Koukanamiya, wow, I could never do that! Lol. Even if he checks out other girls there's no way I would want to see it. :Push: I think it's a matter of personality though.

    I think it's normal to look at attractive people of either sex. If I see a hot guy OR a pretty girl walking by, I look for a minute. The only time this bothers me is if my boyfriend is looking at people we know or people I'm friends with, because I think that's rude/disrespectful (and trust me I've deal with it).

    However, if either of us was emotionally attracted to someone else, I'd be a little more worried - though I'm sure even that happens in marriages or other incredibly long term relationships.
  14. I think I'm just different from most people. I used to go to strip club with my SO (twice) and one time I had a lapdance but wouldn't let him get one:shrugs: . When my SO still lived in the states, he used to get free subscriptions to Maxim and Playboys. The former was because his company gives them free magazines so he gets these free issues of "Home & Garden", "Red Book," "Maxim," "Men's Journal," and "FHM." The latter was actually an old subscription he got back when he was in school because he roommate gave the subscription to him as a bday present. Anyways, when he was still in the states, I was always the one who was reading this "men" magazines and commenting on them. I know he hadn't bothered reading them because they were always just sitting there in a pile with all the unopened mails and the mags were all in the plastic seals. He joked that he thought there was something not right with the "gender roles" of this relationship.

    I think it definitely depends on the person. In my case I think it helps a great deal. I don't mind if he is checking otu ppl that we don't know, but I agree that I would be offended if he's checking out ppl that we know. And as for my being attracted to other guys, sometimes I would just tell my SO about it and then we would laugh about it and let it go. Once again, this works for us because of our personalities. we are both a bit eccentric.
  15. Haha, I bought my boyfriend Playboy once as a joke (it was my friend's 18th birthday and we girls took her to an adult store), and we looked at it once and then threw it in one of his desk drawers. Lo and behold, his parents found it! I felt bad. Lol.

    I think it's admirable that you can accept it and even be around your boyfriend when he looks at other girls. For me, even though I know it occurs, I'd still rather live in my own ideal world where I don't have to see it! :angel: But then again, that will probably change when I get older.