More than one dog???

  1. I haven't posted much here but I love reading. I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Louie that is a little over a year old. I also have a cat, but she is really very independent and all she wants from us is food and a clean litter box.

    Anyway, I seem to be wanting another dog lately. Hubby thinks I'm crazy but I thought I'd get some input from people who might have more than one dog in the house. Does it make things twice as difficult or after one is it easier to adapt?

    Louie is very social and I think he is a little bummed that the cat doesn't really like to play with him. I think he would love to have a friend around the house. Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. I think at least 2 dogs is a minimum, if you can help it! :nuts:

    I'm used to three... I grew up with "batches" or "packs" and you find yourself counting a lot! Like if you're watching TV, you'll count to see if they're all there in case one got locked in a room somewhere else, or counting as they go out, then when they come back in! Hehe it's a labour of love.

    I think it really helps when they have someone or something to keep them company. If you work from home or are a SAHM, then it's maybe not so important, but I've found I worry a lot less about my dogs when they have another little furry friend, a warm little body to curl up against :heart:

    Read up on your breed and see what other breeders think about it. But, if you have the time, love, and patience for a new dog, then go for it! Just remember it takes commitment, since you have to get everyone else in the house good with new pup too... ;)

    Good luck!!
  3. I already have that mentality for kids, I have three. They are getting older and are able to take on more responsibility, finally! I take Louie up to Petsmart to play about once a month and I'm at home with him most days so he isn't alone. But he just LOVES other people and other dogs. He tries to play with Sugar (the snobby cat) but about all they wind up doing is chasing each other through the house.

    Oh, and I'm convinced part of DH's problem is that he is an only child. He seems to think one is enough of anything. It took a LONG time to get the whole purse COLLECTION thing through to him! :p

    Thanks for the input!
  4. I use to only have one dog, then got 2, then six now I have 3. Would always now have more than one dog. They are great playing together, also stay together over the country park. I have found I had more problems with one as they can get bored, even with playing and long walks during the day they still like company from other dogs so having more than one is brilliant, and to see them curl up together is lovely.
    If you do decide to get another one just make sure you introduce them to each other on neutral ground not for the first time in the home, introduce them then bring them home together
  5. I have one child and one dog. Everybody who tells the second one is easier - I think they are all right, because the litte ones are in good company. My daughter is often out house at friends but our dog is at home. I often think it would be easier with two. As our Labrador is 4 years now, we won't change the situation for this time. He is a real mummydoggy. But next time I#ll take two puppies.
  6. We just got our 4th dog and I agree with Angelfish, it's a labour of love but it's also 4 times the love :yes: In my experience having more then one dog doesn't really add much to the work as a whole, it just changes parts of it (like getting them all into the car at the same time :rolleyes: ). Plus each dog is different and needs different attention.

    Since your dog sounds really playful I think he would really enjoy getting a friend to play with and chase around the house. Mine all enjoy each others company and look out for each other.
  7. We just got our 3rd dog, and I don't have any regrets. However, analyze your desire for a puppy vs adult dog.

    In my case, I forgot how much work puppies require, I was taking it for granted that he might train himself by emulating his older "brothers" in the house - this turned out to NOT be the case.

    In the end, we are having to start over with the training - and now I am remembering how much work it is to have a puppy!! :p
  8. yep, another dog will be fine, its good for the dog to have a friend in my opinion!

    Here is a piccie of my late king charles spaniel, as you can see, she is pretty content with the others lol :biggrin:

  9. I have 3 yorkies, 1 maltese,and I am lovingly looking forward to 1 more =)

    So there's just more to love with all these furbabies.

    However I would never be able to do so with shedding dogs, since I am allergic.
  10. I have two chihuahuas and think its a great number. now when I am work they have each other to cuddle and play with. I would love to get another chi or yorkies, maybe this summer.
  11. I had only one dog (a Pomeranian) for 11 years. She really didn't like other dogs. She was fine on her own. When she passed away I got another Pom puppy, Maggie. Maggie always wanted someone around. She used to cry a lot. After two years I decided to get another Pom to keep her company. I got another female named Molly. Maggie & Molly are best buds. Maggie hasn't cried since I brought Molly home, and that was four years ago. Since my dogs are so small I really don't find having two of them creates too much more work. It was the best thing I ever did. I will always have two dogs in the future.
  12. Thanks so much for all of your replies. I do feel much better, like I'm not crazy! I am definitely leaning towards a less shedding dog next time, I'm a bit tired of all the hair.

    chloe-babe, your cavalier looks so cute! I love other kinds of doggies too, but I swear those eyes just get me everytime!!

    Here is a picture of Louie..

  13. I have two - thinking of getting a third. You will love having more than one.. just make sure they get along before you bring the 2nd home. :yes:
  14. I have two dogs, and it was a great choice for us. I had Ginger for a few years, and when we got her I was living with my parents and she was used to being around their dogs. When I moved out she was an only dog, and after awhile we decided to add on so we got a second beagle from the shelter. Love 'em to death!


    If you decide to get one, just do some research about introducing a new dog. Keep in mind that they will have to work out their own pecking order, and most of the time you don't need to interfere.
  15. Louie is adorable!!!

    Well, we have, um, five dogs. Three are large, and two are smaller. Five can be a challenge, and they weren't all "planned," as we ended up keeping a foster dog, and things like that.

    I really see a difference in how well adjusted the dogs are now that there are more of them. They are never alone, which they love, and they always have someone to go outside with (NONE of them will ever go outside unless they have a buddy--it's hilarious!) and there is always someone to play with.

    I agree with the suggestion to make sure the dogs get along first--have a few play dates--see how the dogs interact--that kind of thing. Your dog might be a bit jealous at first--that is normal--especially in your home, which is Louie's "turf."

    A thought--if you want a good way to get a lot of information about a dog, google some dog rescue organizations in your area who use foster homes. There are all kinds of these organizations--some rescue specific breeds, some take in all kinds of dogs. The foster homes get to know the dogs well, so they can give you a lot more information than some sources could. It's also easier to arrange play dates, and even home visits with the foster family. Anyway, just a thought.