More than one child - how similar? How dissimilar?

  1. I have two boys. One is 2 years 9 months (about) and the other is about 11 1/2. Besides them both being boys with reddish hair and big for their age (and darn tootin' cute/handsome), they are sooooo radically different from each other that it's hard to believe they can be from the same parents or the same household. It's almost unbelievable.

    Some examples:

    Son one ate early and ate EVERYTHING - no problems. Son two, started eating late and won't hardly eat ANYTHING.

    Son one loved to play with blocks and building toys. Son two, can take them or leave them - no interest.

    Son one didn't even want to touch paper until he was close to 5 years old. Son two is OBSESSED with drawing and coloring and writing letters.

    Now, they both talked early and with good, rich vocabularies, but Son one was easy to understand, son two is difficult to understand.

    Son one was never very polite or very mindful of people's feelings. Son two is keenly aware of people's feelings/moods and is extremely polite.

    Son one has always been a walking tornado. Son two is a neat freak.

    Son one hated the stroller. Son two loves it.

    It goes on and on and on. It's almost a given that they will be different. Now, more than ever, I believe that we come into this world mostly preprogrammed and the home environment can mold some traits, but that's about it..

    I'm just curious though. Have you noticed the same things?
  2. I have 3 -
    a 6 yr old DD and 3.5 yr old twin boys.
    My DD is like my mini-best friend. She likes to eat out w/ me, shop w/ me she's just a really easy to et along w/ child. Very friendly and very sweet.
    One twin looks exactly like his sister - Italian features, dark brown hair, olive skin. . . looks just like my Italian DH.
    the other twin looks most like me but still nothing like me, definitely bears ZERO resemblance to his siblings, so much that they don't look related, AT ALL. He's very fair, blonde hair, blue eyes . . . he's calm and relatively passive, very easy.
    His twin is a tornado and very passioante - laughs big and loud and cries big and loud.
    All 3 are complete perfection of course though ;)
  3. 3 boys here. They all have different personalities, likes, dislikes, even different activity levels. What they do have in common:

    *white blond hair and either green or blue eyes
    *very tall for their age
    *kind hearts and good souls (something DH and I are extremely proud of).
  4. Aside from my two boys and one girl all having blond hair and blue eyes and being tall for their age (and they all look just like dh, as I have dark hair, dark eyes and stand 5'2"), they are VERY different. Ds #1 is extremely attuned to people's feelings and overthinks everything almost to the point of OCD/anxiety (just like me). He gets on well with friends, but has just a few close friends.

    Ds#2 is Mr. Gregarious. He is happy to play with anyone or no one at all, and he has charisma that will take him very, very far. Teachers and other kids just love him, even when he's a stinker.

    Dd combines more sensitivity with personality plus. And, of course, she is Little Miss Take Charge and often needs to be reminded that she is NOT the mama and cannot tell her older brothers what to do and when to do it!
  5. got two girls both turning 3 and 4 on Feb.
    They look like twins because of their age and they do look alike
    but they are as different as day and night!
    it's amazing how our kids come from the same parents and same up bringing
    yet still so different!:smile: but just as perfect!
  6. My son has light blond hair and the bluest eyes.
    My daughter has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

    Some people question if they are related! LOL.

    They are alike in their hearts, full of love and empathy for others (I like to think I had something to do with that).

    Other than that--night and day. She can play by herself nice and quiet and keep herself entertained. He cannot do this at all. He's always got to be up and running around like a nut.

    She is coy and cunning and a little mean.

    He is charming, and sweet, and would never be mean to someone.
  7. All three of my children were different.

    Blond/Green eyes: Demanding, difficult, bossy, sensitive, messy. (20 yr girl)

    Blond/Brown eyes: Articulate, neat, pleaser, loving. (18 yr boy)

    Honey red/ Green gray eyes: Loving, demanding, loves to shop. (2 yr old girl)

    Next one a boy due in March...????? Wondering if he will be red head too...

    Funny thing is I have dark brown hair and dark green eyes? Husband has sandy brown hair and brown eyes.

    We don't know where the red head came from???
  8. Red is one of those that just sneaks up on ya. My husband has almost black hair and almost black eyes and fair skin. I have dark blonde/light brown hair and blue eyes. I thought FOR SURE, we would have brown eyed brown haired kids, but... as my signature implies, I have two strawberry blonde boys (berryblondeboys). One is more blonde and the other is more red/copper.

    My husband has a red beard, so maybe that's where he carries it, but "beard" hair is not "head hair". However, his aunt was born a strawberry blonde and my mom was born a strawberry blonde, but BOTH of them turned blonde-blonde by the age of two - neither of my kids did - they are still honey blonde with LOTS of orange and copper red/orange. It's weird! Oh, and the older one has hazel eyes - very much between green and brown and the other has medium brown eyes like DH's mom.
  9. Yes, the red head has a running joke when everybody, even strangers asks us where the red hair came from.. We say the Mailman... We can't figure out where?? Must be a reccesive gene.
  10. My 4 1/2 year old son is the world's pickiest eater, my 3 year old daughter will eat ANYTHING. My son was eager to potty-train at age 2, my daughter still has yet to make pee/poop in the potty. My son has no interest in drawing/arts-crafts, my daughter LOVES that stuff. My son is loving, kind-hearted and sensitive to others, my daughter is very cuddly but not as attuned to others' feelings.

    My son has thick, wavy-hair and is olive-skinned. My daughter has straight, fine hair and is very fair. He's long and skinny, she's petite and chubby. (though this could be age-related)

    What they have in common: shyness, fear of water, sibling rivalry (oh boy these two can FIGHT!), the cutest smiles in the world, and plain ole sugary sweetness.
  11. 2 girls one is 3 1/2 years going on 23yrs LOL, youngest is 2
    3 yr old is VERY much into my bags, shoes, brushing her hair etc.. very girly
    2 yr old loves anthing electronic just like DH
    3 dark like me with blue eyes
    2 yr old grey eyes and pale like DH
    totally opposite personalities but love each other to death, older "don't mess with my sissy!"
    they both love soy milk
    3 yr old loves strawberries
    2 yr old loves bananas
    3yr old loves purple
    2 yr old loves pink
    oh please I can go on and on :smile:
  12. ds1 is 8 yrs old; ds2 is 3yrs + 4 months.

    dd1 (dark hair, thick/wavy/dark brown eyes, light olive skin)is mature for her age, friendly, eats anything, sensitive to other's feelings, good conversationalist, loves to sing till she's hoarse, always questions why? which at times makes my veins pop!
    dd2 (light/mousey brown hair, fine and straight/ brown eyes )is immature for her age, is distrustful of most others except her own family, fussy eater, princess syndrome, stubborn, but extremely affectionate, loves routine, loves to cook, loves to shop, already loves makeup/bags/jewels, has music in her heart and dance in her feet.. she also makes my veins pop! :smile:
  13. oops meant to say dd1 is 8 years old. sorry