More than dissapointed!!

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  1. So I receive a call that my Very FAVORITE Beloved Black 32HAC has returned from the SPA after six weeks. I dropped it off to have the handles worked on and just an overall polishing/cleaning.
    When it left my hands six weeks ago and was handed over to the SA it was in perfect condition with the exception of a little rubbing on the underside of the handles. We checked it all out and documented it prior to it being mailed off.

    Well, after driving a little over three hours today to Hermes to pick up the handbag. The SA unwraps the handbag from the plastic and hands it to me I check out the handles and comment on how great the bag looks as I am turning in upside down to look at the bottom of the bag when :wtf::wtf::wtf: there's all these white scratches all over the bottom of the bag. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:I am like what is this. It certainly was not there when I dropped off this almost near perfect handbag. To make a story short- it is being sent back to the spa on a ASAP request- shipped to my doorstep no charge and no charge for the spa.
    Okay- I can handle this if it indeed comes back as it left originally. What happens if it doesn't?

    Where is the quality control? How did it leave the spa like that and why the heck didn't the SA check the bag over prior to calling and me driving three hours!!

    Thanks for letting me vent. I can't and don't drink- so I am going into the pantry to stare at a bottle of Grey Goose!!

    Oh the consolation to this less than desirable day was that I got to enjoy some major EYE CANDY driving a brand new Ferrari all the way home!!:drool:

    Back to your regularly scheduled programs. OY!! and I will add a Vay to that!!
  2. That is surprising and stinky! It's not very often that you hear of a disappointing H experience. I wonder if somehow it happened when they were packaging it, or maybe in transit. No excuse certainly....
  3. Oh, how very disappointing!!!! Sending you lots of hugs.... hopefully it will be back soon... PERFECT.
  4. oh my!!!

    hugs to you!!!
    I am so sorry you had to drive three hours for this. What were the marks? Were they residue from the spa products? I am so perplexed at how something like this could have happened to your awful.

    Now I am worried, what happens when you receive the bag back and are not with the SA to inspect it together?
  5. {{HUGS}} So sorry, and I hope things will work out well!
  6. Ugh, amamxr, I'm so disappointed for you! But as you say, you got a little treat driving home!! Wow!!

    This week I had the dry cleaner totally RUIN a silk scarf (non-H) that I LOVED. I was at wits-end with frustration, no one taking responsibility. I hope you get extra special treatment from your H store from now on.
  7. That is definitely dissappointing!!! I hope it comes back in perfect condition for you!
  8. Oh no! How upsetting! I hope they make it as good as new! How long did they say it would take? Was your SA apologetic?
  9. I'd give that SA a kick in the pants as well as a letter to her superior stating that incident.
    They should at least give you a bottle of Kelly Caleche free or something for your time.
  10. OMG!!!! Noooooo!!!! That is the worst, I am so sorry!! I can vouch for you, there were no scratches on the bottom of that bag before. :cursing:

    Honestly, I have been wondering about spa services lately because this is the not at all the first time I have heard about someone's item coming back in WORSE condition than it was brought in. What the heck is going on at H??
  11. Oh my...that's awful. I just sent my Black Box Bolide to have the handles replaced. It is going to fun for the Bolide, but I hope it comes back looking better in six months.
    I hope your HAC comes back looking brand new...I can't believe that happened!! Let us know.
  12. So sorry to hear this! It better come back better than PERFECT next time!
  13. What bad news and a major inconveniece! It sounds like the problem is fixable so don't lose heart. And eat lots of dark chocolate.
  14. So sorry to hear this.

    I keep worrying that Hermes huge expansion will eventurally be its undoing.
  15. so sorry that happened to you...i hope they give you something for free...hee hee