More Tales from the Toilet....... AKA Baaaaad Customer Service

  1. With all the stories about bad customer service the sales assistants have been providing, I have to add one more. I swear, this one made me so mad & has got me thinking about moving on to another brand of purse.
    I went into the Coach store in Galleria Mall (I live in Las Vegas) the other day to return a purse and had the bad luck to be waited on by Danny. (Background- I had phone ordered the purse from my regular boutique (not this particular one) and the SA was supposed to mail me my receipt. It got lost in the mail or something, I never received it. So I went in to my store and they gave me a copy of their part of the receipt. It had the SA's initials on it and said phone order where the signature usually goes) So when I went in to the Galleria store to return, Danny would not take it, because I did not have an original receipt, I only had the copy & the shipping receipt from JAX. I explained what happened, how I never received the receipt, and how I had called my store to make sure I could return the purse. He said, NO, he would not take it as a return. This peeved me off a bit, but oh well. I then returned the purse to my regular store with NO PROBLEM yesterday.
    FF to today. I called the Galleria store to make sure Danny would not be there, as I had to make another return (We go to the Galleria Mall often) and I just did not feel like dealing with him again (he was very condescending the first time). I was told he would not be there until 1 pm. So I go there with a return and also to send a bag off for repair. Halfway through the transaction here walks up Danny to the register and asks what is going on. The SA tells him I am making a return and sending a bag off for repair. He starts butting in, asking all the details, pulling my repair out of the dustbag to look at it, and generally slowing down the whole process (I also had a very cranky 2 yr old with me). I ask him to please leave so that we can finish the transaction. He refuses, saying that he has to "watch" my transactions after talking to the SA at my regular store the other day. I make a comment about how I had spent so much money at Coach over PCE and that with all the bad customer service I had received from HIM, I would never shop in this particular store again. So then he says, in front of the SAs and other customers WHO CARES, YOU RETURN EVERYTHING ANYWAY. Then follows that up with more snarky remarks. I was shaking with anger so badly that my little boy got scared and started to cry. I returned the bag, and did a partial exchange for a wallet. I asked that Danny not be given credit for the sale since he was not helpful in any way. Then I left.
    I have NEVER been talked to that way by a store employee in my life. He was rude, condescending, and insinuated that I had to be "watched", I guess for some sort of dishonest behavior.
    I had returned some things, but for each return, I ordered/bought something to replace it. I have spent over $2600 for PCE alone, not counting outlet buys this month.
    As a final insult, I get home & check the receipt for the wallet I got....... I was charged FULL PRICE. So I call to find out why and was told that I had not shown my card, so I did not get the discount. So I told the SA I did not have a card because I had thrown it away when PCE was supposed to be over, but that the items I returned were bought under PCE (which she was aware of since she had to go in and manually change the amounts to 25% off for my return) so it was apparent that I had a PCE card at one time. Also, Danny credited HIMSELF with the sale (not the lady who was helping me through this whole thing). So I made another trip to my regular store to get a price adjustment.

    MORAL OF THE STORY: Do not shop at Coach of Galleria Mall, Las Vegas because Danny will give you crappy customer service!

    (Sorry this is so long, I had to vent, I am still so upset...)
  2. Oh man, it seems like so many people are having bad customer service issues lately! I am sorry to hear that, it sounds terrible!! Even if you DID return everything.. is that illegal? :wtf: I don't get it!
  3. ****sigh**** I'm starting to get really sad about all of these stories. It's not right. I'm so sorry this happened to you.

  4. (((((Gina))))) How awful. I hope that you will decide to write a letter to Coach explaining the situation and how horribly this specific SA treated you.
  5. ^^^ Yes, write a letter, good idea. All of the people who have received bad CS need to write letters so that Coach gets the point and starts doing something about their management!!
  6. I just posted in a new thread asking how to find out the head manager of this store. I had asked who the manager was today, and was told by a SA "I'm the manager here today" but I know she was not THE manager, because she has been a regular SA on the floor when I have been there in the past. I want the person who can DO something about the poor CS in this particular store.
  7. Wow Gina I'm so sorry, that was unacceptable. I'm afraid Danny might have been picking himself up off the floor! (Kidding, I've never punched someone in my life.) Still though......was the original SA helping you acting like that or just Danny?
  8. oh man, i'm so sorry about all that! such a shame your little boy ended up getting upset, too.

    write a letter, call whoever you need. entirely unacceptable.
  9. The poor original SA that was helping me was nice at first, by the end she was very curt and nervous. I think she felt in the middle & just wanted me out of there.
  10. OMG what a JERK! I'm so sorry you were treated that way! I would definitely file a complaint against him bc he sounds absolutely horrid.
  11. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I think that these SA need to go through more extensive customer service training. I think you should file a complaint.
  12. I wonder if it's not the training, but the managers in the store. For example, my hubby works at UPS (hence my screen name), and has had extensive training over the last 19 years on management style, caring for your people, etc. However, not all of his bosses care about that, they give it lip service and make sure all managers attend the mandatory trainings, but when push comes to shove, they don't care about their employee's - they care about numbers.

    DH doesn't operate that way, he truly cares about his employee's. Many times he's brought into a messed up operation to fix it. He refuses to do a quick fix and be the bad guy to force employees into submission (which doesn't work anyway). He figures out where things are failing, listens to his employees, and works to have a good work environment. Not all of DH's bosses have appreciated his management style (which the company promotes!!!), and he has gotten a lot of garbage over the years who don't care about what the company teaches and want to get their management people to just push the hourly hard and who cares about how it affects the people.

    Bringing this up, because Coach may not be training their SA's or managers in a bad way, but there will always be people who do not follow what the company teaches. A manager that treats their employee's bad, is rude to customers (or talks badly about them to their employee's), or just overall sets a bad example isn't necessarily doing what Coach has taught them and will be more likely to have not so great employees. IMO, those people either need to be willing to be retrained and change their ways, or they need to find another job.
  13. Gina to find out who the head manager is or if I were you, I would go over their head and speak to the district manager, you can call customer service and ask them. They should be able to give you the district managers number directly so you don't even have to deal with any more idiots at that store.

    ok I just called 888 and they said call customer service tomorrow and they can give you the info:

    800-444-3611 and they are open from 11am - 7pm EST.

    I used to be a manager at several different retail and restaurant locations and if I EVER or one of my employees talked to someone like that, we would SO BE FIRED!!
  14. So sorry to hear this...:cursing: I live here in Vegas too and I have never been to the Coach store at The Galleria, actually I havent been to the Galleria at all since I live on the Northwest side of the city, but I will more than likely go there sometime and remember this dude (I'm not gonna call him what I want to call him on here for the way he treated you) but I think you should like everyone said write a letter to Coach's top people and give them his name and the store he works I had mentioned in the other threads about bad CS, don't let it stop you from buying from the brand you love...believe me I have been treated like S:censor: by all the brands that I love so I wouldnt be carrying anything around if I let it get to it's not easy to forget what people do to you and by no means don't..but please write to Coach or call them and file a formal complaint against that A:censor:....maybe I will go there one day just to see what he looks like and he treats me like that he will be lucky if he doesnt end up getting one of these :boxing:in the face!then again nobody like that aint worth me going to jail over and that's a fact!:yes:
  15. Did Coach employees get a paycut recently or something? What gives?

    Seriously, I've never had this problem, and very sorry you did. If I ever go to Vegas again I'll avoid that store for sure!:hs: