more surgery for jeter . . .

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  1. he wasn't himself today, and by 3:30 i was rushing him to the emergency clinic for surgury to correct a bloat -- a twisted stomach.

    he's recovering from the operation, but not out of the woods yet -- apparently for 48 hours there may be complicataions that result from the release of metabolic toxins and damage to the GI tract tissues. they also found a small adhesion to his stomach, which was sent for biopsy. and his liver looked "plump" -- and so we're getting a biopsy of that, too.

    your thoughts and prayers worked last time, so i'd appreciate them again. poor guy -- he really is the sweetest doggie in the world. i don't think i can take much more of this . . . .

    "no, mom -- i haven't seen the feather duster. why do you ask?"
  2. Aww crap. I am so sorry to hear this. Having a sick pet is so horrible. I have a doxie with cancer and it breaks my heart. I will send my thoughts your way, please keep us updated. Does he have 24hr medical supervision right now?
  3. yes, he's at a 24-hour place -- that plus the fact that i'm utterly exhausted means i may manage to get a little sleep tonight.

    it stinks that we animal lovers sign ourselves up for heartbreak with every one we add to the family -- but i life without them is unimaginable. best of luck with your cancer treatment, irishgal.
  4. Awww sweetie I'm praying for sweet Jeter right now...this must be a scary time for you but I am sure he will be fine :smile:
  5. OMG I am so sorry, Bloat is the most awful thing, my St. Bernard died of it, she went in for a knee operation and that night got Bloat by the time the vet got to her it was to late. Thank goodness your vet got to you in time because this is one illness that is a killer.

    My thoughts are with you please let us know how Jeter is doing.
  6. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Jeter. I hope he pulls through!!!!
  7. OH DQ, I just found this - I'm so sorry! I hope Jeter feels better soon! Will he be home soon?
  8. This news is crazy dressage! I love Jeter and hope he feels better soon...he is such a sweetheart!:heart:
  9. Thoughts and wishes heading your way, I hope he gets better soon :heart:
  10. All the very best. He's in my thoughts.

    Take care,

  11. Oh, no! Wishing you the best, DQ! I guess Tuesday night is off?
  12. Bloat is something we've always been told to watch for, too. I'm sorry to hear Jeter had to have more surgery. Absolutely, Jeter and you and your family are in my prayers. This is the hardest part of having our animal companions, but thank goodness Jeter has a wonderful mommy.
  13. Sh*t! I just found this, E!!!! Yes, we do sign up for heartbreak with each animal we let into our world........but we are blessed by them as well. Sending hugs and prayers for Jeeter all the way across the country.......please, keep us posted on his progress. And try to get a little rest.................
  14. I sure hope that Jeter will be fine. I understand the way we feel about our "extended family" members. I just lost my beloved 15 year old KeeKee to renal failure on Sat. Dec. 16. and am heartbroken. He was sweet, gentle and loving...a very good boy. My thoughts are with you and your little guy, too.
  15. ^^^ Ciatta - I'm so sorry for your loss.