more supple LV monogram???

  1. I have seen that Louis Vuitton lists some pieces with the description more supple monogram canvas, such as with the Tulum items. I have not seen or felt the monogram on the tulum pieces, is the monogram more supple than the normal monogram. The photos look a little different, but not where I would have noticed if I had not read the description. Any Tulum owners out there that can answer this, for I would love to know because I am considering an item listed with this "more supple monogram canvas.":s
  2. I have the tulum and I have found it to be more supple than some of my other mono bags.
  3. agreed, I alos have the tulum and the monogram canvas is more flexible, not so stiff. the new tivoli bag has this new softer canvas as well. I like it but on the tivoli, the bottom of the bag sags a bit like a speedy does, so not for me. the structure of the tulum keeps it from sagging, I love this bag!
  4. I also heard that for intance in the bequi/monogram the canvas is softer
  5. Same with the Tikal bags. I love my Tikal PM.
  6. Oh, I had the tivoli in my hands when it came in from my wl (i did not buy though) and I did not notice the supple canvas at the time. It must be just a slight difference then.