More sunglass troubles

  1. I am heading to Macys and Nordstrom to check out the sunglasses since I can't wait any longer to replace mine. I found the ones I had on eBay (Coach Dina), but no one has helped me authenticate the ones I posted so I'm afraid to pursue eBay.

    Here's my question: I have Coach Kendall's in the torties (a style from a couple years ago).

    I think I want black (like the ones that were taken). I see alot of you with the tortise frames, but I'm thinking the black is just classic and glamorous (ok I'm a dork).

    Black or tortise? Give me your honest opinions & thoughts.
  2. i got black. i typically wear things that go with black, so that's why i went that way. i have eva.
  3. I love black sunglasses! Definitely black...

    You also might check TJ Maxx and Marshalls. They have had some Coach sunnies lately!
  4. Depends on your coloring. I prefer black sunglasses but it doesn't suit some people.
  5. I like the Kendal's in black. I recently purchased Libby in black and I love them so try them on if they're available.
  6. I actually have a pair of sunglasses in each color. I had some Nina in black so I got the Taryn in tortoise. Sunglasses are another obsession I have!
  7. I have a pair of sunglasses in each color, too! I've got the Keri in Tortoise and Whitney in Black. So, if you already have a pair in Tortoise, then get the new one in Black - that way you can interchange them as you need them.