More Stars In Their Cars Part 2

  1. [​IMG]

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  2. OKay I want Paris' car. That's HOT!
  3. I'm really sorry but those doors are very silly.
  4. i :heart: Nicole's G500 :heart:
  5. who's the lady in the Porsche's Pic? one of the olsen twins?
  6. Mary-Kate Olsen I Think ...
  7. Carmen Electra
  8. Oooh! Stars in their cars, I like it!!
  9. Carmen is in the first pic (in SL 600) and MK Olsen (in the fifth pic) in Porsche Cayenne.
  10. true- it reminds me of a DeLorean
  11. at least I have one thing in common with Carmen on that pic
    the sunglasses ;)
  12. They all have hot wheels!
  13. I'll take Carmen's car for everyday...and Paris' car for the weekends. I can imagine pulling up in front of the hippest nightclub, getting out and breezing past the velvet rope and through the doors! LOL!