More 'spy cam' pics....

  1. Hello All and Merry Christmas!

    During a recent visit to my local Saks.... this beauty stopped me on my tracks!

    Enjoy the spy-cam photo:yahoo:

    Above...Vert Thym PT with GSH
    Below....Black PT with GSH (which btw, I carry around the handbag section EVERY time I am in Saks! They should just give it to me at this point!:nuts:)

    (personal photo)
  2. That VT looks like a really good one. Love it.
  3. I love seeing spy pics. Thats hilarious that you carry around the same PT...
  4. I love the VT with the GSH .. :heart:
  5. the PT looks lovely just sitting there. nice combo, the VT. thanks for the pics! :tup:
  6. I love spy pics too! That poor PT is probably saying, "Here she comes again! I wonder when she's going to buy me?!" :roflmfao:
  7. thanks for the spy pictures! that VT wth GSH is just so gorgeous!!
  8. ^^ you should just buy her!
  9. Love the VT! Thanks for the spy pics!
  10. :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:OMG. I just *L*O*V*E* VT!! Thanks for the spy pics!
  11. Great spy pics, the vert looks really yummy!!!!
  12. I usually don't like green.. but VT looks awesome..
    Thanks for the spy pictures!
  13. I LOVE the vert thyme!! Haha Bellashoes you should buy the black PT already, seems like you really want it ;)
  14. that vert thyme looks alot different than other vt's i've seen... it's really pretty - would you say the photo is accurate of the color IRL?
  15. the vert thyme looks nice