More Spring Inventory.

  1. I just wanted to share some more pictures of newer spring inventory that CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America currently has available. We received a large shipment yesterday.
    CC Sport.JPG Expandable White.JPG Baby Animals Tote.jpg Medium Madison.jpg
  2. Thanks for posting! :heart: the white exp flap! The color IRL is stunning.
  3. The first bag is called the "CC Sport." It is a small messenger. The color is a silvery-gold and the strap and stitching is dark brown. It retails for $795.

    The second is the small Expandable tote in white. It is a beautiful color!

    The third is the Baby Animals diaper bag. SO cute!

    The last bag is called the "Madison" and it is in gold patent leather. It retails for $1950.
  4. Hi CHANELboy!
    Can you tell me the dimensions of the CC Sport bag? Thanks!
  5. ChanelBoy,

    Do you mind telling me the dimensions and the cost of the small expandable flap? Thanks much!
  6. How much is the diaper "Baby Animals" tote?
  7. Thanks for posting!
  8. The baby animals diaper tote is too cute!
  9. I just bought the baby animals diaper bag - but with the pink background.

    It was $1725 Canadian (I bought it from Vancouver). So that is about $1500USD.

    I love it! It's so cute:heart: :yes:
  10. Thanks For Posting
  11. Any jewellery ChanelBoy? Thanks!
  12. Thanks for posting!

  13. It is $1565 and comes with a matching changing pad.
  14. hi chanelboy, thanks for posting. Do you know if Nordstroms is getting the red e/w bag? Thanks.
  15. I love the gold Madison! It's stunning :yes:
    Thank you for sharing.