More Spring Bags with pics

  1. Here are some new bags I came across. I don't think we have seen some of these.
    I am attaching pics for all of you. Enjoy!
    11255_d1.jpg 11302_d1.jpg 11303_d1.jpg 11304_d1.jpg 11378_d1.jpg
  2. More
    11422_d1.jpg 11419_d1.jpg 11430_d1.jpg 11434_d1.jpg 11454_d1.jpg
  3. Here's some more
    11462_d1.jpg 11574_d1.jpg 11593_d1.jpg 11594_d1.jpg 11627_d1.jpg
  4. Last post
    11657_d1.jpg 11642_d1.jpg 11772_d1.jpg
  5. Omg!!!!!! I Think I Need One Of Each!!!!!!!!!
  6. This must be one of the new pleated Ergo's. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for posting this picture.
  7. Apparently this is the new Bleeker in khaki/magenta
  8. I'm in love with this. If anyone finds out more about this (style and price), please share.
  9. Style # is 11657 but that is all the info I have. Maybe phone JAX with the style #?
  10. very nice - now that i may have to get.....
  11. i think these were posted before.... the ones from the first post are old they just never made it to all the stores... that pvc tote was like 498 and didnt sell..

    the pleated ergos are coming in all kinds of shapes and sizes around may!!! :graucho::nuts: i am in love it is gorgeous!! it also comes in NEW colors
  12. also that python bag is a delphine
  13. Kat! What colors!?? Any dark brown colors?? I'm dying for a rich, dark brown leather bag! (that's not huge!)