More spring bags, seen them?

  1. Just went to to check some colours and saw all the new bags...that black Ryan really caught my eye (not sure about the leather..) Any opinions on them?
  2. weird i just went there i dont see anything called Ryan,,,,,??
  3. ohhh i see you cant look in the normal shop new collection part those arent even there yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smile: ohhhhhhh
  4. im liking the Angie and Julia but i wish there were other colors of them!
  5. Oh goodness... I realize that earlier this year I said Kooba should put out more metallics to round out their collection, but I'm not really sure I dig some of those... :confused1:

    I'll be interested to see pics of the new metallics IRL, but I don't think I'll be the guinea pig and be the first to order any...
  6. The Ryan is interesting and so is the Angie, I'm not dieing for anything I've seen yet. I am trying to take a more calm rational approach to new bags. I'm not going to jump in the waters first. I bought and sold all of Koobas Spring bags practically because they weren't for me even though I was sure they were.
  7. Did you let the Nina go as well, Lexie? Was the leather on that just as fragile, or was it the chain?
  8. Yes, it went with the wind onto eBay where a fine Kooba Forum member bought it.

    It was beautiful....and toooo dang small.
  9. At least it went to a good home!:smile:
  10. Ooooh Im not feeling any of the lastest bags in the spring line. The metallics look too glittery.
    IMO all the bags there look 'cheap' compared to the marias,paiges and siennas etc.

  11. I can vouch for that! :graucho:
  12. Congrats, Grace:lol: (maybe that's what we should do, buy all the bags and have them on "time share", LOL)
  13. Oh, I agree with most of you I don't really see anything that looks like I would love. I sort of like Angie.

    And whats up with the disco-looking metallics? I thought metallics would be exciting the spotlight soon, what do you guys think?
  14. oh that's dissapointing! nothing really pops @ me either... oh well. better luck next time.
  15. I have high hopes for the Fall intros.

    Does anyone want to sneak into Kooba's design office at night and peek at the sell sheets with me?

    I need a lookout, a lock-picker and someone to hold the flashlight while I take the photos. *s