More Speedy questions! 35 or 30?

  1. I'm still on the fence about getting another Speedy 30. It IS one of my favorite bags (and 6 months ago I hated it -- and have had two since then! :shame: ) but it seems like there are so many out there and so many fakes. I live in an area where almost nobody has an LV but I do go to larger cities occasionally and I've never been one to want to carry the more "common" bag.

    Am sooo tempted by the Mini Lin but worried that it might be slouchier than a canvas bag and I've never cared for the look of linen with all the little "knots" or whatever that linen can have.

    Not sure I want a Damier Speedy... and am iffy on an Epi.

    Now thinking about the Speedy 35. Is that too large to carry as an everyday bag? I love BIG bags and have been carrying a Betsey Johnson gigantic bag the last few weeks that I love.

    I should just quit worrying about it and get the 30 - again.

    Someone help me decide!!!!! :lol:
  2. hmmm
    i think the 35 is too big for my petite size.
    Try the Damier. damier is good.
  3. Thanks Kathy! You're tall aren't you? The 35 looks GREAT!!!

    I may end up with a Damier 30 after all... I just got a Chelsea and sold a Parioli as I thought I'd only want one Damier but maybe a Damier Speedy would be OK...
  4. Personally, I love both sizes but realized that maybe the 35 would get too slouchy..

    i think that the 30 is a perfect size!
  5. the 30 would be great for an everyday bag, but for going day-tripping, the 35 would be awesome! you could carry a lot in it!
  6. I have both..and really carry my 35 the most. It holds everything and still has room..
  7. I'm 5'1 and I use the 35, the purpose matters most to me. Spending the bucks on smth I can't use cos I can't fit my stuff in - nonsense
  8. Thanks everybody!

    I decided to go for the mono Speedy 30 and just ordered it from elux!
  9. I love how the Mini Lin feels, what I mean, is I was happy with actually getting to see it, and hold one. If it came in 25, I would of been tempted with getting the Mini Lin. Its a nice rich dark color. And is very durable feeling. And loved how the LV looked on the Purse. And the handles were nice. If your into different bags, try the Mini Lin. I love how it looks. But 30 for me at this time, is too big.
  10. Just curious, twoharleygal, what do you have in your collection already?
  11. I have the 30 and have more than enough room for daily use.
  12. I like the 30.
  13. It is changing week-to-week and day-to-day lately! LOL! :roflmfao:

    I've sold a few on ebay and am trying to hold onto my cash for an upcoming vacation in December. I'm tired of buying online and not liking the bag when it arrives. :Push: My plan is to go into the store and try them all on and pick out two that I love. I also want some other bags like more Gucci and a Balenciaga! :P

    Right now my "keepers" (for the moment anyway!) are the Damier Chelsea, the new Speedy, a Trocadero 27, Cabas Piano (just got that one) and a few accessories. All the others I have will probably go in the next few weeks.

    It's so easy to decide on some styles, but this Speedy decision just seems to get to me... :shame: I'm still interested in the Mini Lin, too!
  14. i like the 35....