More shipping drama from me

  1. So, if some of you remember, I won a little stam on eBay about 2 weeks ago. I got the bag last week only to find that the kisslock did not shut properly. I immediately arranged to return the bag to the sender. I sent it back Priority Mail with insurance and signature confirmation last Friday. It's Thursday, and the seller still has not received it. I tracked it online and it looks like the package went everywhere on the West Coast except to Las Vegas, which is where the seller based. The last check-in for the bag was 2 days ago, and it said that it left Bell, CA and was enroute.

    I'm so worried that it has been lost or worse yet, stolen. The postal service, who are MORE unhelpful than FedEx, DHL, or UPS, said that it would be considered lost next Friday, August 18th. It seems like a huge pain to recoup my money through their insurance process, and who knows whether I will get the full amount - not the mention, I'm sure the seller and I would have to split it since she doesn't have the bag either.

    Why am I having such BAD shipping karma lately? :sad:
  2. ^ Sorry to hear that. Give it until next Friday, it might get there by then. Don't stress yourself out. =) Even if it doesn't, you are covered since you insured it. Relax....Relax....
  3. I'm sorry about that, I'm glad that you insured it. I often don't insure through USPS, but always use insurance with fedex- so this should teach me a lession.

    I think that if USPS should lose it, then you should get the money back and that would end it there- I think usually the money goes back to the sender, because the seller already has her money from the sale.
  4. Im so sorry to hear about all of your drama! I hope it gets back to the seller soon!
  5. I know this feeling..I cant even look at at a Fedex truck anymore without wanting to throw something at it...LMAO....
  6. Would it be a crime to throw things at them? :rolleyes:
  7. did you insure it for the amount you paid or the worth of the bag, it's retail value?
  8. I insured it for the amount I paid for.
  9. You shouldn't need to split the money with the ebayer. If you have paid her then she still has your money so thats all she should be interested in. THe money you claim from the postal service should be yours
  10. ^ Right, and if she's already refunded you then you should give the insurance money to her. Basically, if neither of you winds up with a bag, both of you should have money for the amount the bag was sold for.
  11. ^ You guys are right...what was I thinking (or not thinking). I'm totally having an off day due to 'flo being in town (sorry for the TMI).