More Sensible NOT to buy bags?

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  1. I've been thinking.. now when I'm in university and live in a dorm I can't keep here all my precious things just incase of a someone break in and steal them.. so I keep my bags safely at home.
    It's just that I just counted that I'm at home something like 2months and 2 weeks in a YEAR! near my bags - using my bags.

    I have so many great plans for this summer about what bags I'm going to buy, but.. does it sound silly to buy bags what I'm going to use just few months in a year and then they are going to collect dust in closet? I was thinking about that when I got back from grocery store and I think it does sound silly! I don't want to take them with me here because I'm going to carry heavy books, laptop and etc. and because the weather is here more rainy than sunny I'm worried about the leather :Push:
    I mean.. I did take my lv accessories here and changed lv wallet to miu miu for a change but that's it! I don't want to worry about my bags here at dorm all the time.. :sad: and I defenitely don't want to look brand-maniac since they are already talking about my accessories..

    But! I already put part of my income to savings account so I don't want to put all of them there.. now this is a problem :nuts: I have too much money to worry about - never been there :sweatdrop:
  2. hey serene! I went through something similar when I first came to college. I only allowed myself to bring one bag from my collection because I was worried about the stealing thing too and the brand labeling thing. Even though there are SO many girls with expensive bags on my campus, I personally just didnt like bringing my bags here, and I still dont.

    I think youre waiting and saving is a great plan! While I was in the dorms I didnt allow myself to buy any more bags that I knew I wouldnt use either. HOWEVER when I moved into my apartment was when I "unbanned" myself. I have more freedom, privacy and space now that I am out of the dorms, so dont worry. You wont have to hold out for long! AND university will probably fly buy! Buying bags sooner than that will still work out too! When you make a bag purchase you can still use it in the future if not now, so make sure they are classics or something youre certain will get plenty of loving once youre out of school!
  3. Very interesting thread! Like a lot of women here I have far too many bags. Granted, these have been purchased over a number of years. But since I work mainly from home as a writer, I have found myself questioning exactly why I feel a 'need' for so many bags. To that end I have found myself wandering away from luxury brands and towards more reasonably-priced but terrific bags. I never pay full retail for any of my bags, but now I am spending even less, and finding a way to rotate the bags I already have, instead of buying more.

    The commonsense you have expressed here is living proof that youth is NOT wasted on the young, serene!
  4. when i was in college, i took with me a "night out" bag (small coach), an everything hobo (a BR slouch bag), and a tote for when i got tired of using a backpack. my campus was rife with giant guccis, it was almost off-putting.
  5. Probably best to wait, or limit yourself to one bag to buy for the summer.

    By the time you're able to use your bags more frequently,
    you're naturally going to want the latest/newest.

    You might not want to use "those old things" already in the closet,
    even though you didn't get to use them much in the first place.

    And, with all that saving, you'll be able to buck up for a FABULOUS bag when the time comes.
  6. I'm a university student too, and I do see the logic in not taking all of your bags to school (dorms). When I lived in the dorms, I didn't really have any designer bags, so my experience won't be applicable to you. However, when I moved out of the dorms and into an apartment, I started working and buying designer bags whenever I spotted a good deal on them or saved up.

    I think you're right to not take your designer bags with you to dorms, but I would allow yourself one or two bags (a clutch/small bag for going out/partying, a medium sized hobo) outside your school backpack/tote (Longchamp Le Pliage totes are the best!) so you still get to use them. In all honesty, I don't usually use a purse/bag when I go to class (which is most of the time), so I only get to use my bags at night or on weekends. That's why I say, if you don't want to take most of your bags with you, you'll only need one, maybe two, designer bags at most.

    Personally, even though I have all of my bags with me (it's less than 10, mostly Coach, 1 MBMJ, 1 LV) at my apartment, I would rather store them at home if I don't use them, because I'm scared of someone breaking into my apartment and making off with them. I can't leave them at my home, because my mom would complain that I have too many bags :rolleyes: so I keep them with me, and try to rotate the usage of them.
  7. I've just started University too and I live in private halls so not really got as much of a worry about theft, we each have a large locked cupboard if we chose to use it. I brought all my bags up here (should have brought my dusk bags too) and have mauled almost all of them through day to day use sadly. I'm starting to buy more sensible bags in more useful colours now though... Lesson learned!!
    As for the brand labelling thing, that can be a problem. The last time I was in a cafe on campus and went to pay I heard a guy say behind me "check her with her Prada purse" -actually it was a Damier wallet but hey, I didn't correct him. It seems to be a continuation of high school at times with any reason to single someone out, my globe shopper has drawn a few choice looks!! But at the end of the day I buy my bags to use and enjoy them, screw them if they don't like it.
    If you still want to enjoy a new bag you should make a choice that you could use for Uni everyday and isn't overly flashy (I'm waiting on my Trevi!! Woo!!) This is how I'm justifying the spend! And keep the rest of your bags lovely untill you can get home and go crazy!! Or bring a few smaller ones and hide them in your room!!
  8. When I was in college I always thought it was risky to have anything of extreme value in my dorm room.

    I know you don't want to put all of your money in savings, but if you stockpiled what money you could be spending on purses now and saved it, you could buy a really nice bag (or two or three) after you've completed university.

    I think plumaplomb had it right: a small going out bag, an all-purpose hobo and a tote. Having a good wristlet or two is always useful when going out to the clubs/bars and not wanting to bring a handbag.
  9. I am in college now and I have only one very nice bag (my Bal City), but I use it almost every day (except when it rains). I use small notebooks for class and don't bring a laptop, so it's enough for everyday use! Though brand-labeling can maybe be a problem, a lot of really nice bags don't scream LABEL... like leather vs. sig ones... so you can still enjoy a beautiful bag or two without worrying that people think you are label-obsessed or anything.

    I'd save the money though. If you invest it right you can have a LOT four years from now =)
  10. You might be able to use the bags you have more if you can get your mom or someone at home to send you one every month or so and then send the other back to her for safekeeping. Like borrowing a bag from yourself!
  11. If you can afford it, you could rent a small storage unit near your college and put your valuables in it, including bags you'd like to use year-round. Some places have great rates, so it could be worth looking into.
  12. I've been using now those cheaper-bags what I'd bought before I fell into this expensive stuff :yes: one is already garbage material!
  13. IF you have to share your personal space with unknown persons I would not bring things that are precious to me, no matter if it was of a financial or sentimental nature.
  14. I think it's better to not bring/buy bags if you're going to be living in a dorm. Because, as someone mentioned, you are going to be living with a stranger. Even if your roommate turns out to be someone who respects other people's stuff, you don't know if her friends will be the same ^^; There'll probably be alot of people coming and going, so I wouldn't risk it.
  15. I think it depends...

    If you're the kind of person who only likes/buys things because they're a new, must-have design and/or the latest colour trend, rather than because you really love them then, yes, I think it would be a mistake to buy tons of bags just to store them all away.

    However, if you're more discerning, have (and know) you're own personal (and enduring) likes and dislikes and tend to buy items you genuinely love and know you will continue to love forever (or, at least, for some time) and/or have a very fashion-forward eye and you see something you absolutely adore, then why not?

    At your age, though, I think you would be fairly unusual if you fell into the former part of the latter category, just yet, so, assuming you don't, I think I'd save the money, instead, if I were you. :yes: