more scary shoes

  1. These Nina Ricci ...

  2. gah! I predict more women going to hospitals with broken ankles!
  3. um, no! And did you see the Antonio Berardis? How can anyone walk in those?
  4. Ouch. They're almost cruel.
  5. yeowwwch!

    I love shoes but some of these are just too painful for me to even look at!
    I treasure feet health over "these" looks any day!
    Still have to travel and visit the world before I die and I won't do it in a wheelchair!
  6. How frightening. The only wearable shoe there is Chloe. The Miu Miu pair makes me think of a pirate's peg leg.
  7. I don't think the boots featured were that cruel but I can't imagine how someone could wear the YSL shoes with having back pains
  8. whats up with the Antonio Berardi? they have no heel!!!! and the McQueens are just :wtf:
  9. I bet Posh Spice tries to don those!
  10. those Mc Queen are hideous :wtf:
  11. [​IMG]

  12. oh my!
  13. :wtf: Those are some horrible shoes... How is anyone supposed to even take a step in the Antonio Berardi's!? Or the Alexander McQueens for that matter...
  14. I must admit I actually like this but I'm not sure they'd be a practical addition to my wardrobe: