more scary olsen twins

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  1. the olsen twins at jenni kayne fashion show during ny fashion week. (click on pictures to enlarge)


    (taken from gossip rocks forum)

    i can't tell who's who, but they should both wash their hair. and i never thought i'd say this about any celebrity, but maybe they should consider a tan (fake or otherwise).
  2. YUCK!!! :throwup: They look "sticky" and hungry.....let's pitch in and start a fund for shampoo and a warm meal!

  3. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  4. i don't know, i think they're okay...

    not their best, but okay...
  5. they made themselves looking so old
  6. Exactly.
  7. ok, i'm going to try to be an optimist here. there are two things that give me a shred of hope:

    1. ashley don't look great, but at least NORMAL. no weird makeup, no truly terrible clothing, reasonably colored hair.

    2. mary-kate looks like crap but at least she's not carrying that HORRID BAG we've seen her photographed with for the past 8 million years.
  8. these two are getting more odd as the days go by. this is what happens to child stars. look at how Michael Jackson turned out... hopefully the Olsons (one or both of them!) wont end up anything like that :hrmm:
  9. They're okay to me but why are they always pursing their lips?
  10. They need to dress age-appropiately, get rid of that horrid hair colour/style.
  11. ITA.
  12. Also, is it just me or does Ashley look like she has on the LV/Stephen Sprouse leopard scarf? It's probably a different one but it sure looks like it.
  13. Fix your roots girls! I think their $150mm can pay for that and a shampoo.
  14. If they sit really, really close together will their combined weight equal that of one normal person's?
  15. They honestly creep me out...creepy chuckie dolls. I wouldn't go to sleep in the same house as them.