More Scammers on EBAY

  1. Just reported her - I hope no one thinks they can get an AUTH. LV for $80!

    Hope Ebay does something in time...
  2. I just reported 31 of her fake listings, including the one with the picture from Fashionphile.

    Since the seller ha along history of 100% positive feeddback, I suspect the seller is legit, but with her account hacked into. There is another pFer reporting about her account that just got hyjacked.
  3. Ok. I just contacted eBay Security and reported my suspicion of juneebugs' account possibly got stolen. juneebug is the seller of these 55 ridiculous listings, and I am afraid she has no idea. She has been an eBay member since 1999 with 100% feedback for all her purchases. She never listed anything to sell on eBay.
  4. just write the seller a message over ebay saying that the items she sells are fake or why she uses stolen pics...itll go to the private email adress of the original ebay account owner..
    that way she can report it herself (this is normaly the fastest way to get them all pulled..
    how i hate this things:yucky:
  5. Man....scammers are scum!! I'll report!